🇺🇦 Vidbir 2023 songs to be presented on December 1

🇺🇦 Vidbir 2023 songs to be presented on December 1

It is just under three weeks until Vidbir 2023 takes place. Tomorrow we will hear the songs that have a chance to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool. As last year’s winning country, the Vidbir 2023 winning song will automatically compete in the Eurovision final.

Vidbir 2023 song announcement

Suspilne has confirmed that the Vidbir 2023 songs will be presented at 12:00CET tomorrow afternoon, which is 13:00 local time in Kyiv. The songs will be presented in a press conference, “Ukrinform”. As well as the songs, the running order will also be presented. The press conference will be broadcast on Suspilne’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

Who is competing in Vidbir 2023?

The competing artists and the title of their entries are:

2TONE“Квітка (Flower)
FIINKA“Довбуш (Dovbush)”
Jerry Heil“When God Shut The Door”
KRUTЬ“Колискова (Lullaby)”
Moisei“I’m Not Alone”
OY Sound System“Ой, тужу (Oy, tuzhu)”
Tember Blanche“Я вдома (I’m Home)”
TVORCHI“Heart Of Steel”

Vidbir 2023 will take place on December 17. The judges, who were picked by the Ukrainian public as we previously reported. The jury for the national final is Jamala who finished second in the vote, with a final share of 15.71% of the total. The other two judges are Taras Topolya and Yulia Sanina. Topolya is a member of the Ukrainian band Antytila, as well as a volunteer for the Ukrainian army. He came out on top of the poll, with 17.41% of the final vote. Sanina, meanwhile, is the lead singer of the band The Hardkiss, who finished runner-up to Jamala in Vidbir 2016. She finished with 15.70% of the vote.

Ukraine’s Eurovision journey

Ukraine is one of the most successful countries to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. The country has scored eight top-five placements, with an extra three top-ten finishes. Ukraine won the Contest in 2004 with Ruslana’s “Wild Dances” and again in 2016 with Jamala’s “1944”. Jamala’s win made history for Ukraine, as it became the first ex-Soviet country to win the Contest more than once.

In 2022, Kalush Orchestra represented Ukraine in the 66th edition of the Contest with their song “Stefania”. The band scored 614 points, finishing in first place, marking Ukraine’s third victory.

Whose song are you excited to hear? Will you be watching Vidbir 2023? Do you think the judges will be fair? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Tiktok as we gear up for Eurovision 2023!

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