🇲🇹 TES Preview: A futuristic performance for Gaia’s second rehearsal

🇲🇹 TES Preview: A futuristic performance for Gaia’s second rehearsal

Today, seven participating countries of the 2022 Junior Eurovision Song Contest are having their second rehearsal. These are Albania, Ukraine, Malta, Italy, Serbia, Poland, North Macedonia and Portugal. The third up to complete their second rehearsal was Malta’s Gaia Gambuzza!

In today’s rehearsal, the attending Press had the opportunity to watch the full rehearsals from these participating countries at this year’s Junior Eurovision. Before we find out what happens in Malta’s rehearsal today, you can find out how their first rehearsal went right here.

Gaia Gambuzza on stage for her first rehearsal in Yerevan.
Photo Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

What happens during Gaia’s performance?

Starts off with a Zooming in shot with the front two dancers walking in each direction. When the son starts, Gaia then moves to the front of the backing dancers. When we then get to the chorus, we then see Gaia doing some choreography whilst singing the chorus.

For the second part of the song, Gaia walks around the stage. First to the front, then towards the right, with the backing dancers supporting her. When we get to the second chrous, Gaia does the choreography once again.

Bridge, we then see flashing LED’s and choreo. Final chrous, in the middle of the stage with the choreography being performed until Gaia finishes the performance of the song.

For the staging element of the songs, we see Malta heavily using the LED’s both on screen as well as on the floor, having a lot of flashing lights which imitate lightning, as well as using pink and blue lighting.

You are able to watch a preview of Gaia’s performance right here:

About Gaia Gambuzza

Gaia is 13 years old, she is from Motsa in Malta.She has been attending performing arts classes since she was four years old. Gaia inspires to be a speech therapist when she is older as well as juggling a singing career. She cites Lizzo, George Ezra, Dua Lipa and The Weeknd as musical influences.

Malta’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2003, Malta was one of the countries to participate in the inaugural edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Sarah Harrison and the song “Like A Star”, which placed 7th. The Mediterranean nation participated until 2010, where it took a break and returned in 2013 with Gaia Cauchi and “The Start”, which was their first win in the competition. It wasn’t long until they achieved their second win in 2015, where Destiny Chukunyere won with her song “Not My Soul”.

Malta’s most recent participation was in 2021, where they were represented by Ike and Kaya performing “My Home”. In Paris they scored a total 97 points, finishing 12th.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Credit: Corinne Cumming/EBU

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