🎻 Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to play Eurovision hits during week of Contest

🎻 Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra to play Eurovision hits during week of Contest

Liverpool is coming to life with Eurovision events, as the city prepares to host the Contest in May. Now, the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra has announced a symphonic performance of Eurovision hits during the Contest.

Power to the orchestra – again

In a show titled ‘Douze Points!’, the Philharmonic Orchestra will perform a variety of Eurovision tunes. Some songs already confirmed to be played range from ABBA’s “Waterloo” to reigning champion Kalush Orchestra’s “Stefania”.

To promote the event, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic says:

Hello, this is Liverpool calling… Eurovision is coming to our city and we can’t wait to join the party with a celebration of the world’s biggest, brightest and most bonkers musical event. There’s nothing like a Eurovision extravaganza – every single year it brings flamboyant costumes and staging, voting dramas and everyone’s favourite commentary, but most importantly, an absolute masterclass in cheesy hits and you-just-couldn’t-make-it-up musical antics.

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic

The show will be held on Friday May 12th at 7:30 p.m. GMT, the night before the Grand Final. As well as this, the show will be hosted by Owain Wyn Evans, a well-known weatherman and BBC personality with a penchant for drums.

Tickets to attend the performance from the orchestra will range from £35 to £75. In addition to the ticket, each admission comes with a complimentary glass of champagne. You can buy tickets here.

It comes as the city plans a host of other Eurovision events across the two weeks of the Contest. For example, a cultural festival showcasing Liverpudlian and Ukrainian artists alike has been confirmed to take place during the course of the show. As well as this, Pier Head that forms the city’s iconic seafront is the location of the Eurovillage.

The road to Eurovision 2023

As Ukraine won the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, the country should have hosted the Contest in 2023. However, due to the ongoing war in the country, the EBU decided against hosting the show in Ukraine. As a result, the Contest will be held in the United Kingdom, who finished in second place in Turin. After a long bidding process, it was announced that Liverpool will host the Contest on May 9th, 11th and 13th.

What do you think of the show from the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra? What songs would you like to hear performed? Will you be buying a ticket for May 12th? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we edge closer to Eurovision 2023!

News Source: Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Photo Credit: SoundTech

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