🗳️ Our ESC 250 votes: Jazzi

🗳️ Our ESC 250 votes: Jazzi

Voting for the annual ESC 250 celebration closed on the 4th of December 2022, and now we have a nervous wait to find out the results! The event is hosted by songfestival.be, with the results revealed from 11:00CET on 31st December 2022 on ESC Radio to close out the year. Find out more about it here!

While we wait to find out the official results, members of the TES team will be sharing their votes for this year and explaining the reason for their picks. This time it’s Jazzi’s turn to reveal how she voted.

1 point: “Eres tú” – Mocedades (Spain, 1973)

This is simply stunning. There are some songs where the Spanish language adds to the beauty of a song and this is one of them. This is a song I fell in love through ESC Radio during lockdown. This song has such a sentimental mood, I don’t know why but I feel a sense of togetherness when I listen to this. This is a song I could imagine being played at the end of a Eurovision night out as a wind down.

2 points: “Sekret” – Ronela Hajati (Albania, 2022)

Sekret was my winner of Eurovision 2022. The song is just so fun and dynamic. Despite it’s non-qualification at this year’s contest, this is still the song from 2022’s roster I listen to the most. This is one song I am always waiting on when I go to Eurovision events. This song isn’t just fun, it also shows off what an amazing vocalist Ronela is.

3 points: “Lapponia” – Monica Aspelund (Finland, 1977)

This is the first of a few Finnish entries. This is my favourite song of the 70s. With my votes this year I told myself I would give other decades some more love. The piano melodies in this are so fun and playful. This song also shows how great the Finnish language is to listen to in a song.

4 points: “Dinle” – Sebnem Parker & Grup Ethnic (Turkey, 1997)

This is one of the best songs of the 90’s. I am one of the few British people that think we should not have won in 1997, and this should have done instead. This has such a mysterious vibe in the verses but is also extremely catchy. Sebnem has an amazing voice and is brilliant performer.

5 points: “Under The Ladder” – Mélovin (Ukraine, 2018)

The staging for this is simply incredible. Mélovin is a captivating performer, and this is deserved so much more than last place from the juries. Since Eurovision Mélovin has really grown as a performer, and is definitely someone I would love to see back in the contest.

6 points: “Poupée de cire, poupée de son” – France Gall (Luxembourg, 1965)

This is one of the very first uptempo songs we ever saw do well in the contest. I do feel this is one of the songs that changed the direction of the contest going forward. This is fun and enjoyable and when I listen to it, it just puts a smile on my face. In the older years Luxembourg are always a favourite of mine, and I would love to see them return to the contest one day.

7 points: “Kan” – Duo Datz (Israel,1991)

This is such a fun dynamic song! It starts off quiet in the verses with the ethnic vibes, but once the chorus hits this is a song that is great to clap and dance along with. This is Israel’s best entry, and they have sent a few good ones over the years. 1991 was a close year but out of the top 3 this is definitely my winner.

8 points: “Monsters” – Saara Aalto (Finland,2018)

This is a song that despite it now being nearly 5 years old, I still have times when I listen to it over and over again. This is another song that I got emotionally attached to back in 2018, especially as I had followed Saara since UMK and The X Factor back in 2016. I think again Saara is an amazing performer and really owns the stage and this song throughout the performance.

10 points: “Hatrið mun sigra”- Hatari ( Iceland, 2019)

When this was first released I had never heard anything like it. This was so angsty but so pretty at the same time. Hatari had a message and successfully managed to convey it to a whole audience despite their song being in Icelandic. The whole group are just such captivating performers and I was lucky enough to be able to see them live the summer after Eurovision, I can safely say it was the best concert I have ever been to.

Special mentions

Before I reveal my 12 points, I would like to give a special shout-out to 3 entries that came so close to making my top ten. They are:

And Jazzi’s 12 points go to… “Something Better” – Softengine (Finland, 2014)

So, if anyone knows me, you will know this is the song that made me join the crazy Eurovision fandom. I was so obsessed about this I had to talk with other fans who also liked this song. The staging and song were just so captivating to me. I feel like without this song I wouldn’t have the experiences and friendships that I do now, and I will always be thankful. This makes such good use of the Copenhagen stage, which was hard in 2014 because it is so big. I know this is a song I will always smile I listen to and be thankful for.

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Now that Jazzi has revealed their votes for ESC 250 this year, what do you think of their picks? Who received your 12 points this year? As always, please let us know what you think by commenting below. Be sure to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for all of the latest Eurovision news.

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