🇨🇿 Creative team for Czechia’s Eurovision 2023 performance revealed

🇨🇿 Creative team for Czechia’s Eurovision 2023 performance revealed

As Czech broadcaster ČT prepares for its Eurovision 2023 participation, Czechia has revealed the creative team behind Vesna’s performance in Liverpool.

Highlighting talent in Czechia

In a post on Instagram, the Czech delegation gave more information about the people who will craft Vesna’s performance in May. The team is entirely made of Czech talent, representing Czechia on an international stage.

Zizoe Veselá and Bára Juránková will take the lead in providing the creative direction for the performance. This will also be developed through the costumes Vesna will wear on stage in Liverpool. Bára will double up as one of Vesna’s performers, whilst Zizoe will adapt to being the group’s choreographer.

Vít Bělohradský and Matyáš Vorda are in charge of the visual aspect of the show, including the LED background, as well as the camera angles. Both are experienced in preparing for Eurovision, as both served in the delegation last year crafting We Are Domi’s performance in Turin.

Czechia’s Eurovision journey

Czechia made their debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, with Kabát’s “Malá dama”. However, their debut entry finished last in a 28-song semi-final, scoring only 1 point. Afterwards, this kicked off three consecutive non-qualifications, with their best result coming in 2008, finishing in second-last place. Having withdrawn in 2009 due to poor results, Czechia returned to the Contest in 2015. In 2016, Czechia qualified for the first time with Gabriela Gunciková’s “I Stand”.

In 2022, We Are Domi represented Czechia with their song “Lights Off”. Performing in the second semi-final in Turin, the band qualified for the final – and finished in 22nd place in a field of 25 with 38 points.

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News Source: ČT

Photo Credit: Milan Vopálensky

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