🇬🇷 Greece allocates €377,000 for Eurovision 2023 budget

🇬🇷 Greece allocates €377,000 for Eurovision 2023 budget

With Greece’s public broadcaster ERT finalising its plans for Eurovision 2023, the budget for its participation in Liverpool has been revealed as being €377,000.

A breakdown into the budget

ERT’s budget costs for Eurovision 2023 are slightly lower than that in 2022. In Turin, ERT paid €399,000 for its participation. The reasons for the reduction in costs are as a result of the end of pandemic restrictions. These would include paying for extra hotel rooms, as well as the scrapping of live-on-tape performances.

In total, €377,000 has been allocated by ERT’s Board of Directors to participate at Eurovision 2023. Of the €377,000 ERT is paying to take part in Liverpool, €150,000 has already been paid to appear on the list of participating countries. The remaining €227,365 that remain within the budget is for Victor Vernicos’ performance on the 11th of May. No specific details about what Greece is using in its performance are outlined in the document.

16-year-old Victor Vernicos will represent Greece at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool next month. His song for the Contest – “What They Say” – was produced in collaboration with Panik Records. The song was released to the public at the end of the submissions window for this year’s Contest.

Greece’s Eurovision journey

In 1974, Greece made its debut to the Eurovision Song Contest with “Krasi, thalassa ke t’agori mou” which placed 11th. Since then they have participated on 42 occasions (40 of which made the Grand Final), and have one once in 2005.

Greece’s most recent Eurovision participation saw them being represented by Amanda Tenfjord with the song “Die Together”, which saw Greece qualify for the Grand Final, where they placed 8th, after receiving 215 points from the jury and televoters.

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News Source: Greek Ministry of Digital Governance

Photo Credit: Nikos Zikos

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