🗳️ Norway to propose changes to voting for Eurovision 2024

🗳️ Norway to propose changes to voting for Eurovision 2024

Follwing our previous report that the EBU is looking to reform the Jury Voting for Eurovision going forward. Norway, is set to make a proposal on the voting which will in effect reduce the jury’s power and give the audience more of a say.

“More power to the audience”

Speaking about a range of topics on Eurovíziós Podcast, Norway’s Head of Delegation Stig Karlsen also talked about the Jury Voting, with Norway looking into proposing a new system where the split between the jury and the public vote will be 40/60, with the possibility of it going to 30/70.

Stig also mentioned the importance of the Jury Vote and that the quality of the music is properly assesed by the juries, and as well as ensuring that bloc voting will be minimised.

The proposal is set to be made at the Eurovision Workshop in September in Berlin, where all of the delegation will be attending, and will be able to express their opinions. If Norway’s proposal is approved, then an annoucement could be made in January, when the rules for 2024 will be confirmed.

You can watch Stig Karlsen’s full interview on Eurovíziós Podcast right here:

The story of Eurovision 2024 so far

Sweden will host Eurovision 2024 after Loreen made history and won the competition once again with her entry “Tattoo”. Within two months of her win SVT has put together the Core Team that will be producing the upcoming edition of the competition, as well as selecting Malmö as the Host City for the contest for the third time. The Final is set to take place on May 11, with the Semi-Finals taking place on May 7 and 9.

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News Source: Eurovíziós Podcast

Photo Credit: Chloe Hashemi / EBU

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