🎶Eurovision music round-up: September 2023

🎶Eurovision music round-up: September 2023

Eurovision new year is here! So from now on, every song in this round-up could theoretically show up at the contest this year. Other rules notwithstanding, of course. And this edition of the round-up has a lot of new music in store, so get ready for the 90s, experimenting, and hosts.

The 2023 entries

Vesna – “Wolfrunners”

Vesna are going wild on their new release “Wolfrunners”. More poppy and electronic than their usual work and with enough howling to keep any wolf up at night, this song is a real but pleasant surprise. Lyrically, the track deals with running away from everything together with someone you care about.

Brunette – “Holiday Nostalgia”

Summer holidays on the Northern hemisphere are over, and Brunette is feeling the “Holiday Nostalgia”. The track is another eclectic mix of genres from the Armenian, but once again combining to an excellent whole. Great vibe track for this late summer and early autumn period.

Let 3 – “ŠČ!” (LP)

The Croatian shoick rockers drove their tractor into the Eurovision Grand Final, and now they are driving into your home with their new album. Their Eurovision entry, last month’s “Profesor Jakov,” and 9 more tracks, almost all of them collabs, await you on this true punk chaos of an effort.

Albina Kelmendi, Albana Kelmendi – “Pasha syte e mi qe i kam ne ball & Vaj si qenka ba kjo dynja”

It’s two classic covers for the price of one this month from the Kelmendi family! Albina and her mother Albana have recorded two absolute classic anew, and released them as one. The tracks are “Pasha syte e mi qe i kam ne ball” (With my eyes in my forehead) and “Vaj si qenka ba kjo dynja” (What is this world like?) are absolutely amazing tracks and the mother-daughter duo does them great justice.

Alika – “Õde ütles”

Speaking of surprise electronic beats: Alika goes pop-rock on “Õde ütles” (The nurse said). That is of course to be expected considering Jonas Olsson (Bess’s “Ram Pam Pam”) has co-writing and production credits. Find out more about the track here:

Remo Forrer – “Not Okay”

Remo Forrer represented Switzerland with the ballad “Watergun,” and now is back with something considerably more energetic and (dare I say) almost upbeat. Read more about the track, including what Eurofan-favourite has a songwriting credit, here:

Mae Muller – “Sorry I’m Late” (LP)

Mae Muller is here to present her debut album! “Sorry I’m Late” features songs dating back to 2021 (“Better Days”), her Eurovision entry, the also-released-this-month “Written By A Woman,” (a gorgeous baroque pop influenced number), and more. All in all, 6 of the 17(!) tracks on this album have been previously released, so there is a lot to dig into.

Joker Out – “Sunny Side of London”

Slovenia’s shagalicious rockers are still living it up on tour, and to celebrate the beautiful times they have on stage. The song is, as the band says, a metaphor for a Joker Out gig. Read more about the “”Sunny Side of London” here:

Alessandra – “Bad Bitch”

The Queen of Kings has released her new single “Bad Bitch”. It’s a musically moody but lyrically uplifting track about self-love, empowerment, and the joys of being a “Bad Bitch”, and you find out more in the article below:

Blanka – “Rodeo”

After going “Solo”, Poland’s Blanka is ready to take us on a rodeo. Check out her new song below:

Wild Youth – “All Again For You”

The Irish 2023 entry have a lot of experience releasing music over the years, and now they’re doing it all again for their fans. Find out more about “All Again For You” here:

Käärijä – “It’s Crazy, It’s Party” (feat. Tommy Cash)

Käärijä stormed Eurovision with “Cha Cha Cha” this year, and his catchphrase of “It’s Crazy, It’s Party” was omnipresent in Eurovision fan circles. Now, he has named his new single after it. You can read more about it here:

Piqued Jacks – “Color Shades”

I still think Piqued Jacks got robbed at Eurovision this year. Thankfully, they didn’t let the result affect them and now they have released new track “Color Shades”. Find out more about this killer Killers-esque song down below:

TEYA & SALENA – “Bye Bye Bye”

Meanwhile, our Austrian duo comes with the upbeat and catchy “Bye Bye Bye”. Read more about it in our article:

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