🇧🇪 Chérine releases her new single “HYPER”

🇧🇪 Chérine releases her new single “HYPER”

Chérine, the fourth-place finisher in Belgium’s national final Eurosong 2023, has released her new single “HYPER”. 

About “HYPER”:

Like much of her discography, “HYPER” is about Chérine’s relationship with ADHD. On her Instagram, she talks about how the diagnosis of ADHD when she was young was something both positive and negative and that the song reflects this dual-sided nature. She also mentions how ADHD is a little bit of everything, how it goes both quickly and slowly at the same time, and how it’s weird, but above all, very cool.

“Il parle de mon TDAH… J’ai eu la diagnose quand j’étais toute petite et ça a été quelque chose négatif mais aussi positif et la chanson parle un peu de deux côtés… D’un côté, j’ai la manière sarcastique… et l’autre côté, c’est un super pouvoir d’être hyper, d’avoir hyper énergie, d’avoir une hyper créativité et tout ça.”

“The song talks about my ADHD… I was diagnosed when I was a little girl and it was something negative but also positive and the song talks a bit about both sides… On one hand, I have a sarcastic manner… and on the other, it’s a superpower to be hyper, to have really high energy, to have lots of creativity and all that.”

Chérine, Instagram, @cherinemroue, 6th October 2023

Le pont, c’est en fait… comment ça marche dans ma tête? Qu’est-ce que c’est d’avoir le TDAH? Elle fait un peu de tout. C’est un peu bizzare, ça va vite, ça va lent en même temps. C’est un peu de tout, c’est hyper bizarre et c’est surtout hyper cool!

“The bridge, it’s in fact… how does it work in my head? What is it like to have ADHD? It’s a little bit of everything. It’s a bit weird, it goes quickly, it goes slowly at the same time. It’s a little bit of everything, it’s very weird and above all it’s really cool!”

Chérine, Instagram, @cherinemroue, 6th October 2023

Listen to “HYPER” on streaming platforms:

You can listen to “HYPER” on the following streaming platforms:

Chérine’s Eurosong Journey:

Chérine competed at Eurosong 2023 with the song “Ca m’ennuie pas” (It doesn’t bore me). She finished second in the jury vote with 145 points and fourth in the televote with 123 points, which led to an overall fourth-place finish with 278 points. 

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