🇩🇪 FIA: “Let yourself be surprised”

🇩🇪 FIA: “Let yourself be surprised”

As preparations for the 2023 Junior Eurovision, which is next week, continue, Angus has the opportunity to ask FIA some questions. FIA will be representing Germany this year in Nice with the song “Ohne Worte” (Without Words).

This interview was originally conducted in German.

Hello FIA! First of all, congratulations on winning the national selection! How are you?

I am super excited and am iiiiiiincredibly happy!!!

Before the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, you also participated in The Voice Kids. Where did this love for music and singing start?

That already started when I was very little. I’ve always sung 🙂

Do you have a favourite Eurovision or Junior Eurovision song from other years?

Lena with “Satellite” and Duncan Laurence with “Arcade”

What meaning does your song “Ohne Worte” have? And what feelings do you feel when you sing it?

The song is about the connection between my younger sister Emilia and me, and how we communicate. I feel warm and loving feelings towards my sister, and how connected we are ❤️

Are there any songs in this Junior Eurovision that you particularly enjoy?

To be honest… I love all the songs 😍 And I also like to sing them all myself 😅

What can we expect from your live-performance?

Let yourself be surprised 😉

You also filmed a music video for “Ohne Worte”. What was that experience like?

Filming the video was soooooo… unbelievably fun❣️ Especially because my friends and so many lovely people were there.

And finally: What are you looking forward to most at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

To ALLLLL the children from the other countries, the city of Nice, and of course my performance 😍

Who is Fia?

12 year-old FIA was originally born in Shanghai, however her family returned to Germany upon the birth of her younger sister. FIA is no stranger to a big stage as she has already taken part in Germany’s edition of The Voice Kids. During The Voice Kids FIA often used sign language during her performances, her inspiration behind this is her younger sister. In her spare time FIA she is always singing and dancing and entertaining her family. FIA will represent Germany with the song “Ohne Worte”, following on from her national final win. Ahead of JESC, it has been announced that FIA will be joined by a backing dancer. She will also take part in KiKA’s extensive pre-Junior Eurovision programming, such as a JESC-Countdown and an ESC Update.

Germany’s Junior Eurovision Journey

Germany was originally due to join the Junior Eurovision family in the initial edition of the Contest, but unexpectedly withdraw. This also happened in 2004, when Germany withdrew ahead of the Contest in Lillehammer. It wasn’t until 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic that Germany first participated in a Junior Eurovision event. Germany has participated on two occassions, the first being 2020 – when Susan performed “Stronger With You”, finishing 12th in a field of 12.

Germany’s most recent participation came in 2021, when Pauline represented the nation in Paris with her song “Imagine Us”. Performing first in the running order, Germany would finish in 17th place out of 19 performers. Germany received a total of 61 points,; 15 from professional juries and the remaining 46 from the online vote.

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News Source: That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: NDR/Emma Wedemeyer

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