Malta’s Destiny releases her Eurovision 2021 song “Je Me Casse”

Malta’s Destiny releases her Eurovision 2021 song “Je Me Casse”

It’s been a long hard road but we have finally heard all the competing entries for Eurovision 2021. This afternoon (15th March) Destiny released her Eurovision song. Destiny is no stranger to Eurovision, having won the Junior Eurovision song contest in 2015 with “Not My Soul” and also being a competing artist last year with her song “All of My Love”. You can listen to Destiny’s 2021 song “Je Me Casse” here:

Our takes on “Je Me Casse”

Jazzi – This is so much fun! I feel this could really get Malta their best result in years, it’s empowering but a bop at the same time. We know Destiny will kill this live as she is a stunning vocalist, in a lot of ways this also feels like Malta’s biggest risk in quite a few years, but one I hope really pays off as this is such a good song!

Rosie – My first thought watching this was simply, “wow.” I am absolutely delighted with Malta’s entry this year. It’s got the fun, uptempo elements of a good bop, with just a little bit of swing, and the heart that places it above so many of this year’s similarly-styled entries. I really hope this does well.

Rory – I’ve not necessarily liked many of Malta’s Eurovision entries, but “All of My Love” made me really see a new side to Malta. This is continuing on that same trend – and. Destiny is yet again showing us how versatile of a performer she is. The song does scream Meghan Trainor at times but I like it for sure. Semi-1 really is the bloodbath!

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