🇭🇷 TES Reviews: Space-age models for Albina

🇭🇷 TES Reviews: Space-age models for Albina

The third act rehearsing today is Croatia, who will be represented by Albina in this year’s competition with her entry ‘Tick-Tock’

What did we think of the rehearsal?

Albina starts on stage alone, wearing a rhinestone-encrusted bodysuit with exaggerated shoulders. Her dance moves are choreographed alongside the LED lighting. As the first chorus starts, she’s joined by four male backing dancers. You may well be pleased to know that the crop tops from the Dora performance have stayed, but now they’re silver! They disappear for the second verse, and we get a LoveWave effect – five Albinas on stage – before the second chorus starts and the dancers return. Three of them lift her into the air, and we see her from top-down. The final chorus once again has Albina commanding the stage, joined by the dancers once more. The LEDs throughout the performance are pink and blue, and there’s some pyro and wind machine, because of course there is!

Now what did our team think of Croatia’s rehearsal?

Rory: Croatia have taken their Dora staging and refined to a larger stage. Albina looks fantastic in her wide shoulder-pad catsuit, and the dancers also fit into the silver motif. I love the blue and pink motifs in the lighting and the use of their own LED wall also elevates the staging. This is now a safe qualifier, should Albina give a steady vocal performance, which she can do with no doubt.

Jazzi: Albina looks amazing here. Croatia have taken what they had at Dora and elevated it to a bigger stage. You can tell Albina loves every minute, although she may be vocally holding back until the real shows which is totally understandable. Albina has amazing stage presence, and all in all Croatia have given themselves their best shot at qualifying for the final, although it has to be said this semi final is extremely strong, so nothing can be guaranteed.

Rosie: Albina looks absolutely incredible here, and the performance, while needing some polish still, fits the song very well. It’s definitely an elevated version of the Dora staging, with a lot of similar choreography. The futuristic aesthetic is fun, Albina’s enjoyment shines through and she commands the stage. I’m not sure if this performance will be enough to make it a sure qualifier in such a strong semi, but it certainly does no harm to the song either.

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News Source Credit: EBU/ That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: Borna Hržina

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