🇸🇲 TES Reviews: Senhit brings in the colour in her second rehearsal

🇸🇲 TES Reviews: Senhit brings in the colour in her second rehearsal

What’s changed in Rehearsal Two?

Rehearsing right now inside the Ahoy Arena is Senhit, performing “Adrenalina” for San Marino. Here is what has changed since the first rehearsal, and what the team thinks of the changes.

Senhit now has a photo of Flo Rida on her he address at the beginning of the performance. He wasn’t there today but Senhit is really keeping us guessing as to whether he’ll be there for the actual thing. The backdrop is brighter than it was on Monday, and there are more shots of the music video used on it than on Monday as well. They seem to have made the camera shots tighter. Senhit vocally is still on point and this is still in contention to be San Marino’s best ever result. There was some added pyro in the final run through.

In case you missed it…

If you didn’t catch what Senhit’s original staging looked like, check out our article on what initially happened in the first rehearsal here:

If you didn’t see the first rehearsal clip of San Marino’s performance, check it out here!

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News Credit: EBU / That Eurovision Site

Photo Credit: EBU / Andres Putting

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