🇺🇦 Jury members for Ukraine’s 2021 Junior Eurovision National Final revealed

🇺🇦 Jury members for Ukraine’s 2021 Junior Eurovision National Final revealed

Ahead of Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision National Final, which is due to take place on October 24, UA:PBC has announced the name of the jury members, who will help select Ukraine’s next Junior Eurovision representative, which will take place in Paris.

Experienced people on Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision jury

The jury members who will help select Ukraine’s next Junior Eurovision representative has the experience and have even competed in both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, and they are as follows:

  • Alyosha – represented Ukraine at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with “Sweet People”
  • Igor Kondratyuk – TV presenter and producer
  • Lyuba Morozova – Musicologist
  • Igor Panasov – Music Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of Karabas Live
  • Alexander Balabanov – represented Ukraine at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with “Vidkryvai (Open Up)”

The jury members talked about their upcoming tasks. Ukraine’s Eurovision 2010 representative Alyosha explains that taking part would help her see how the participants perform live, what they listen to, how they develop, what they can do, and what material they present.

Such competitions are dominated by entertaining content. But I will especially wait for songs with a certain meaning, a plot, such that contain some instructive story. Such a song should be performed deeply and reverently.

For a participant who will represent Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, it is important to have not just strong vocals, but overtones, a harmonica that is revealed in the voice when it sounds from the heart and passes through the heart. I would give only one piece of advice to the participants: be yourself and do not evaluate, do not compare.

Your “I” is manifested from your childhood in the first desire to create something. This is your “I” – do not betray him, this is the manifestation of essence and happiness in your life. It cannot be appreciated, because it is unique, incomparable and perfect.

For jury member Igor Kondratyuk, they mention the importance of being themselves, whilst performing on stage,

First of all, I will pay attention to the adequacy of the song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I often heard absolutely adults, and therefore not quite adequate in such a competition songs performed by children-contestants. In addition to the song and its performance, charisma, plasticity, originality, brightness of the artist are also important. I can advise all participants to be themselves. Do not play anyone, because playing someone, you lose your originality and become uninteresting.

Whilst Lyuba Morozova talks about the importance of traditions, as well as supporting young vocalists.

Ukraine has always been famous for its voices. We know from history that even before all the “talent factories”, the best young singers had the opportunity to make a career if they were noticed and hired. In particular, Alexei Rozumovsky, Elizabeth’s future favorite, joined the choir of imperial singers.

Today, sad as it may sound, we continue to train “singers for export.” Our vocalists sing in the best opera houses in the world, but they all dream of recognition here in their homeland. I find the support of young vocalists at the start of their careers, the demonstration of expert attention to them and their sincere admiration especially important and even necessary. And I want to add that good vocals and the ability to move beautifully – only part of the image of the winner. Something more always wins: experience, sincerity and inner strength. I wish it to all participants, who by definition are already winners, because they have reached the finals.

Igor Panasov will focus on looking at the message of the entry and how the participants portray it in their performance.

I took the invitation to the jury of the National Selection of Junior Eurovision as a sign of destiny. The fact is that since last year, one of the projects I have been involved in is the online music competition for teenagers “YUNA Junior”. That’s why I’m very interested in analyzing and evaluating children’s singing and artistry. During the performances, I will pay attention not only to the vocals, but also to how the contestant experiences the song in general. How it manifests itself in his movements, facial expressions, looks, and so on.

A modern strong performer is, in my opinion, first of all a convincing image, and only then a singing technique. It is the general artistic message, the core of which is the song, that can capture the attention of any audience, including Junior Eurovision. I want to advise one participant of the National Selection one thing – believe in the song you sing, feed it, let it into your heart. And then those who listen to you will definitely feel it

Whilst Ukraine’s recent Junior Eurovision representative Alexander Balabanov brings experience and advice to the competing artists.

“I am very pleased to be part of the jury of the final of the National Selection, this is a very responsible mission. I am glad to help choose the best representative from Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in France. First of all, I will appreciate the song, its originality, and, of course, the artist’s performance.

I can advise participants to be themselves, real, stable and enduring, ready for the difficult process of preparation for the competition. The main thing is not to worry and not to think about the result, just get high and enjoy the process. You are already winners!

Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision National Final

11 finalists will be competing for the ticket to represent Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 7 of the competing artists will be singing their original songs, whilst 4 of them will be singing the song “Save This World”.

  • Arsenii Hryshchenko – “Redemption”.
  • Anastasiia Doroshenko (Nana Do) – “Svit nadliudei” (The World of Super People).
  • Daryna Zinchenko – “Save This World”
  • Karina Kornuta  – “Save This World”
  • Daryna Kryvenko – “Kosy khmarochosy” (Skyscraping Braids).
  • Veronika Morska – “Save This World”
  • Yelyzaveta Petruk –  “Save This World”
  • Daria Rebrova –  “Make Me Happy”.
  • Sofiia Skvaruk – “Golden Time”.
  • Mariia Tkachuk – “Pazly svitu” (Puzzles of the World).
  • Olena Usenko – “Vazhil” (Leverage).

The next Junior Eurovision representative for Ukraine will be determined by 50% Jury Voting and 50% Online Voting and will take place on UA:Kultura on October 24 at 16:00CET.

Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2006, Ukraine made their debut to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, with Nazar Slyusarchuk and the song “Khlopchyk Rock ‘n’ Roll” (Хлопчик рок ‘н’ ролл), which placed 9th. Since their debut, the Eastern European nation has participated 15 times and even won once in 2012 with Anastasiya Petryk and her song “Nebo” (Небо).

In 2020, Ukraine selected its representative through a national final, where Oleksandr Balabanov won the right to represent the nation with “Vidkryvai (Open Up)”. Oleksandr managed to place 7th receiving 106 points from the jury and online vote.

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News Source: UA:PBC

Photo Source: UA:PBC

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