🇪🇸 Levi Díaz’s team for the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest revealed

🇪🇸 Levi Díaz’s team for the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest revealed

As we get closer to the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, all the delegations are currently working hard on creating their performances for Paris. In Spain’s case, RTVE’s work is currently underway, and they have revealed the team that will be working on Levi’s performance.

Meet Levi Díaz’s team for the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Earlier, we reported that Nicole Refsing was the artistic director for Levi’s performance. Now, it has been revealed that this will be done by Marie-Sophie Kreissl. Her recent work involves working as Assistant Artistic Director for Austria, Croatia, and Cyprus at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest, and work on TV shows such as Got to Dance and Dora.

Next to be revealed is Vicky Gómez, who will be undertaking the choreography for Levi’s performance. She won the Spanish show Fama, ¡a bailar! and has studied in specialized schools in London, New York and Los Angeles. She has choreographed for the shows Operación Triunfo and Bailando con las Estrellas. In 2020, she choreographed Spain’s entry for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Soleá and her song “Palante” which placed 3rd.

Another person in Spain’s team is Natalia Calderón, who will be Levi’s vocal coach. She was the Vocal and Movement teacher at Operación Triunfo 2020 and is a professional singer, actress, songwriter, singing teacher and theater producer. She has extensive training and holds various degrees from the Universidad de Alcalá de Henare. She also has a Jazz Singing degree from the Conservatorio Superior de Música Musikene.

In charge of styling Levi for the contest is Raúl Amor, who has worked as a stylist in film, theater, and television since 1994. He was also the Stylist for Blas Cantó when he represented Spain at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest.

For the performance, Levi will be accompanied by four dancers: Lucía Arcos, Violeta Marín, Juan Diego Álvarez and Sergio Agenjo.

Spain’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2003, Spain was one of the countries to participate in the inaugural edition of the competition with Sergio and the song “Desde el cielo,” and placed second with 125 points. The year after, Spain managed to win the competition with María Isabel and the song “Antes muerta que sencilla.” The nation participated for two more years and took a 12-year break, returning in 2019 with Melani Garcia and her entry “Marte,” which placed third.

Spain’s recent attempt in the competition saw them internally select Soleá and the song “Palante”, which saw them finish 3rd once again, where they managed to score 133 points from the jury and the online vote.

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News Source: RTVE

Photo Source: RTVE

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