🎶 Eurovision music round-up: October 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: October 2022

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There is way too much music released every month to cover in-depth, but here are some of the best and biggest new tracks from other Eurovision artists:

Ivana Boom Nikolic – “Ispocetka”

Back in September, Sanja Vučić was the first ex-Hurricane member to release a single. Her fellow former members Ivana and Ksenia have now quickly followed, also releasing new tracks. First up in the round-up of those two: Ivana Boom Nikolic. “Ispocetka” (From the beginning) is a dance banger with a some truly amazing, dirty beats. The catchy track is sure to appeal to fans of Hurricane.

Ksenia – “Hir”

Meanwhile, “Hir” (Whim) is Ksenia’s first post-Hurricane offering. The Balkan pop track is infused with a number of more traditional influences. Those in the know will not be surprised by this choice at all, as Ksenia’s first Eurovision appearance was actually providing backing vocals for Montenegro in 2015, when her father Knez competed with “Adio“. Lyrically, “Hir” is about Ksenia feeling like she should distance herself from her lover.

Marco Mengoni – “MATERIA (PELLE)” (LP)

Italy’s 2013 representative Marco Mengoni has released new album “MATERIA (PELLE)” (Matter [Skin]). Or, to be more precise, released another 11 songs for a project he started last year with “MATERIA (TERRA)”. The tracks show a slightly more energetic side than we saw from the singer at Eurovision, something nowhere more evident than in the song “Attraverso Te” (Through You), a collab with San Remo alums La Rappresentante di Lista.

Jüri Pootsmann – “Vaata Mind”

Jüri Pootsmann has released the latest single ahead of his upcoming album “Suveööde unetus” (Sleepless Summer Nights) next month. Estonia’s 2016 representative teamed up again with the people behind “Magus melanhoolia,” his Eesti Laul 2021 entry for new track “Vaata Mind” (Look At Me). While more colourful and seemingly upbeat than recent releases by the Estonian, “Vaata Mind” still carries some of the electronic darkness that has become Jüri’s signature post-Eurovision sound.

Tokio Hotel – “HAPPY PEOPLE” ft. Daði Freyr

If you are anything like me, reading the name Tokio Hotel will transport you straight back to the late zeroes and early tens. The German emo rock group were absolutely everywhere back then, whether you liked them or not. The band is currently promoting upcoming album “2001,” with new single “HAPPY PEOPLE” featuring Iceland’s Daði Freyr being the latest song to come out ahead of the album. Daði Freyr joins in halfway through, contributing a solo verse and to the choruses. Lyrically the track is classic Tokio Hotel, while musically it draws from the same electronic rock as their last few albums.

Ninajirachi & Montaigne – “One Long Firework in the Sky”

Montaigne might have released a whole album and other songs already this year, but the Australian shows no signs of stopping. The 2020 and 2021 Australia representative has teamed up with electronic DJ Ninajirachi for a hyperpop track. The song will be part of Ninajirachi’s upcoming mixtape “Second Nature”. The two met at a songwriting camp in 2018, and “One Long Firework in the Sky” was written and largely recorded by Ninajirachi and Montaigne in 2020, with the version presented to us now “mostly unchanged from the version we made that day honestly” according to the Ninajirachi on Instagram.

Isaura – “Viagem”

As long time TES-visitors will know, I love Portugal 2018 more than anything else in the world. So I am of course very excited to say that Isaura, the songwriter behind “O jardim,” has released new music! “Viagem” (Journey) is the second single to be released ahead of her upcoming album. A musically more upbeat affair than first single “Leve,” the track has Isaura sing that “you are the journey that takes me away”.

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