🎶Eurovision music round-up: October 2023

🎶Eurovision music round-up: October 2023

Announcements, national finals kicking off, and a lot of new music. Yup, October proved to be a real cornucopia for us Eurovision fans. In this edition of the round-up: bangers, stripped-back vibes, and multiple songs I’d love to hear at Eurovision.

The 2023 entries

TVORCHI – “Разом”

Tvorchi look back musically on this track all about going far “Разом” (Together). The song was written on the first half of their Heart of Steel tour, and getting its live debut during the second half of that very same tour. Lyrically, the track is all about how you can make it much farther if you work together with someone else.

ZINKO – “Golden Days (feat Mimicat)”

Portuguese DJ ZINKO invites Mimicat over to the studio for his new offering “Golden Days”. The track is an electronic ballad about longing back to go back to those golden days in the past. As always, the song is a great showcase of Mimicat’s powerful vocals and emotional delivery.

Diljá – “Say My Name”

Iceland’s Diljá tells you to “Say My Name” on her new single. It’s another anarchically energetic track by the artist, this time with some rock influences as drums and a glittering guitar drive the song forward. Diljá cowrote the track with Pálmi Ragnar Ásgeirsson, who also produced the song.

Pasha Parfeni x Dara – “Fetele”

Pasha Parfeni collabs with the singer Dara on “Fetele” (The Girls). Joining Pasha and Dara in the writing studio was Pasha’s wife Yulia Scutaru. Lyrically the track is a tale of a man who was unable to see that the right person for him was someone he knew all along. The track also carries another, feminist message, saying that in the end, girls really have the power over all our fates.

Albina Kelmendi – “Krejt Veten”, Gold AG ft. Albina Kelmendi – “Sa per mu”

It’s two tracks in one month for Albina Kelmendi. First out was “Sa per mu” (How much for me), a collab with Gold AG. The track is a classic Balkan ballad, with all the emotional power vocal powerhousing you’d expect from Albina.

Meanwhile, “Krejt Veten” (All Myself) is a musically somewhat more stripped back, and in my opinion al the more powerful for it. The lyrics were written by Eriona Rushiti, with Enis Mullaj producing.

Käärijä – “Huhhahhei”

Continuing his steady release of new music is Finland’s Käärijä, who this month released “Huhhahhei”. Read all about it down below:

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