🎶Eurovision music round-up: October 2023

🎶Eurovision music round-up: October 2023

Other Highlights

There is way too much music released every month to cover in-depth, but here are some of the best and biggest new tracks from other Eurovision artists:

ISAURA – “Isso” (with MARO)

ISAURA released the amazing “Invisível” album back in March. On the album, the tantalisingly mysteriously tiled “Isso (brevemente)” (It [brief]) appeared. This month, ISAURA revealed the secret and released the full song along with it. The singer writes on Instagram that, while “Isso” was the first song she wrote for the album, it felt unfinished because it had turned into some form of dialogue. Inviting MARO into the studio resolved this and, ISAURA says, has officially helped close the album in the process. Musically, it is exactly the kind of electronica that her fans (like me) go wild for.

Sinplus – “Don’t Come Any Closer”

Sinplus remind me of some great rock bands on new single “Don’t Come Any Closer”. It bangs, it slaps, the guitars rock, what else is there to say? Well, a fair amount actually. Which is fitting, as the band say that the song is about looking for hidden meanings and finding what might be lurking below the surface. There is some Queens of the Stone Age and The Strokes esque swagger in this song which sees the band tell you not to come any closer, while contrasting it in the verses about how they got lost in the underground. Matteo Bassi (Laura Pausini’s “Mi tengo”) joins the Swiss brothers in the writing and production booth, with another writing credit going to Trey Bruce (ZZ Top, Carrie Underwood, Black Stone Cherry). One of my faves this month!

Tulia, Pectus – “Ćmy”

TULIA are working hard on their next album, which will see them blending different genres. The second collab of the album to drop is “Ćmy” (Moths), which sees them work together with Polish rock band Pectus. TULIA’s vocals blend beautifully with the somewhat grittey sound from the guitars.


NAVIBAND reflect on the bittersweet journey of leaving your hometown and close ones on “ПОЕЗД” (TRAIN). Musically, it sees the band return to a combination of their folkier sound, while also incorporating pop elements and going for an overall more calm sound.

Púr Múdd, Koit Toome – “Tunnen Taas”

It’s electropop-banger time for Koit Toome and Púr Múdd on their new track “Tunnen Taas” (I Feel Again). The song touches on finding the hope and strength to love again, is a beautifully building track, and the bit of guitar in the pre-chorus really elevates it.

Alfred García – “Els teus ulls”

Alfred García gives us a big first for him with “Els teus ulls” (Your eyes): it’s his first solo single in Catalan! The track is a gentle guitar love ballad composed, written, and co-produced by Alfred himself.

Mia Dimšić – “Bejbe”

Mia Dimšić also serves up a gentle ballad, although she does add acoustic guitars to the mix, for new track “Bejbe” (Baby). “Guilty Pleasure” co-writers Vjekoslav Dimter and Damir Bačić return to the writing booth with Mia Dimšić, while Ivan Pešut (many Mia songs, Nina Kraljić) took care of the arrangement.

Aminata – “Savvaļas pusē” (LP)

Aminata’s new album “Savvaļas pusē” (On the wild side), a continuation of her 2022 EP of the same name, is out! The 10 track effort includes the five tracks on the EP and “Paved mani (Tuvāk man pašai),” which was released in August. From pop bops to emotional ballads, there is lots to enjoy here.

PIA MARIA – “Reckless Heart”

PIA MARIA leans into her pop-punk side on “Reckless Heart”. On the song, PIA sings about being in a toxic relationship and finally breaking out of it. Joining PIA MARIA as co-writers are Simon Lerchbaumer, Daniel John Evans (John Legend’s “By Christmas Eve”), and the song’s producers Felix Brunhuber (Emily Roberts, Peter Maffay) and Florian Fellier (“Halo”).

Bjorn Eriksson feat. Blanche – “Shattered,” “Red Stop Sign,” “Shattered (Reprise)”

“Het Smelt” (When It Melts) is a new Belgian movie based on the award-winning 2016 Lize Spit novel of the same name. Bjorn Eriksson took care of the soundtrack, and he invited Blanche to sing on three tracks: “Shattered,” “Red Stop Sign,” and “Shattered (Reprise)”. The tracks are unsettling and moody, dealing with loss of innocence, confronting one’s past, and more. Some of the best tracks this month if you ask me.

Magnifico & Konstrakta – “Put”

Blanche isn’t the only Eurovision artist with music on the big screen this month. Konstrakta joins Slovenian singer Magnficio on “Put” (Road), part of the soundtrack for Čuvari formule (Guardians of the Formula). The song is a modern take on late 50s, early 60s jazz which is fitting for this historical thriller set in Cold War Belgrade. Disorienting yet soothing, disconcerting yet familiar, it is one of the most fascinating tracks of the month.

Sebalter – “Better Things”

Sebalter is hoping for “Better Things” in all our futures on his new single. I say new, it actually was written back in 2018 and is, in Sebalter’s own words, the kind of folk music he loves to play live.

Anna Bergendahl – “How Do You Know”

Sweden’s Anna Bergendahl co-wrote with Isa Molin on her new track “How Do You Know”. Find out more about it here:

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