🎶Eurovision music round-up: October 2023

🎶Eurovision music round-up: October 2023

Now That’s What I Call… The Extended Eurovision Universe

As any Eurovision megafan knows, Eurovision neither starts nor ends with the main contest. From National Final season introducing the world to new and exciting artists, to former Junior Eurovision artists, to the big-name songwriters and producers that work behind the scenes, people from all over the music industry make Eurovision the amazing thing that it is. Here are some of the best new releases by Eurovision-adjacent acts:

Delaporte, Alice Wonder – “Ángel caído”

Alice Wonder is heading to the clubs with Delaporte in new track “Ángel caído” (Fallen angel). Musically, this track vaguely reminds me of the likes of Jamie xx, so I am sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that I consider this to be my favourite track of the month. The great alt-pop melodies and thumping beat power along a song about a troubled relationship.

Vicco, Abraham Mateo – “tequiero”

The “Nochentera” queen keeps on moving with new track “tequiero” (I love you). The song is a collab between Vicco and Abraham Mateo. This is not Abraham Mateo’s first time in this round-up, as he previously released “Clavaito” with Chanel. “tequiero” is a sparkling, energetic lovesong with a massively catchy chorus.

Lisandro Cuxi – “Ti Ki Da”

A rare sight in these parts of the round-up: someone from a French national final. Lisandro Cuxi was a runner up in 2018 with his song “Eva”, and has had quite some success in the French music scene. His latest is a beautifully smooth guitar-driven R&B track.

Rodan – “Insomnia Junkie”

Czechia’s biggest introvert is now struggling to sleep according to his new single “Insomnia Junkie”. The track is a guitar-driven, melancholic ballad about coffee and love.

WELLBOY – “Вовча ягода”

Pink paint was clearly back in stock, as WELLBOY goes all out on the colour for the Barbie-inspired music video for new single “Вовча ягода” (Wolfberry). It’s a short track with an infectious brass melody that is both about a relationship, and about how not every promise is always quite what it seemed.

Alexa Feser – “Deine Freunde”

Hot on the heels of our episode about German national finals from 2010 to 2015, 2015 contestant Alexa Feser has released her new song “Deine Freunde” (Your Friends). The beat is excellent *and* the track is 3 minutes long. I don’t want to start baseless rumours, but I will anyway: was this song (wrongfully) rejected by the NDR for the German national final?

Trong – “Shooting Star”, “YÊU CHILL” (EP)

Another German national final artist releasing a single this month was Trong. It’s another slick pop track by the singer. But that wasn’t all this month from him! He also released his new EP “YÊU CHILL” (LOVE CHILL). As the title implies, it is a relaxed EP full of love-related tracks. All 4 songs are collabs and are partially or entirely in Vietnamese.

Hagle, Elov & Beny – “Över gränsen”

Hagle continue with their Nordic national finalist collabs, this time tagging in Melfest’s Elov & Beny for a Caribbean-flavoured rap track. Which makes “Över gränsen” (Over the border) from the previous track of theirs I featured on here, although I am sure both tracks will feature on many party-playlists made by fans of Hagle.

Omar Rudberg – “Off My Mind” (feat Jubël)

Melfest-regular Omar Rudberg helps Swedish duo Jubël return to the round-up by having them feature on new track “Off My Mind”. The track is a slickly produced about not being able to get someone off your mind. Some absolutely stunning guitar melodies are on this track.


Molly Sandén serves up some scaled back tracks on new album “ALLTING DÄREMELLAN” (EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN). The 10-track album consists of 9 rerecordings that see Molly present her music in a more stripped back fashion, and one new track. “Psykos” (Psychosis) is a love track about being utterly obsessed with someone. Molly Sandén cowrote the track with Christian Walz (Zara Larsson, Tove Lo), and Louise Lennartsson (Robin Schulz, Darin).

Oscar Zia – “Heartbreakmiljonär” (LP)

Oscar Zia has been making regular appearances in the round-up, and this is his first of two entries in this edition. “Heartbreakmiljonär” (Heartbreakmillionaire) is probably one of the shortest albums I have ever heard, clocking in at a mere 28 minutes. From opening track “Tiotusen” (Ten thousand) to album closer “Helt klädd i svart” (Dressed entirely in black) and everything in between, there is still plenty of new and previously released music for Oscar’s fans to sink their teeth into.

Clara Klingenström, Oscar Zia – “Kan Nått Fint Få Hända Sen”

It’s two melfest icons on one track as Clara Klingenström and Oscar Zia join forces in the recording studio for their track “Kan Nått Fint Få Hända Sen” (Can Something Nice Happen Later). Read more about it here:

Cazzi Opeia – “Taste Of Heaven”

Being a Melfest contestant and the writer of the winners of ESC and ASC has given Cazzi Opeia a “Taste Of Heaven”. Find out more here:

Chérine – “HYPER”

Eurosong Belgium’s fan favourite Chérine returns to the round-up with her new single, called “HYPER”. You can read more about this track about ADHD here:

Listen to all the songs above and more

We’ve made a handy Spotify playlist of the songs in this article and all other releases from Eurovision artists this month, including remixes and other special releases. So get ready for everything from Käärijä, Agnetha, and Molly to Andromache, Loïc Nottet, LOBODA, and many more. The playlist gets updated every month, so don’t forget to follow it to always stay up to date. Did we miss anything? Then send Angus a message over on your social media of choice.

What were your favourite releases this month? And whose music are you looking forward to in November?  As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow ‘That Eurovision Site’ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Threads and Bluesky for all the latest Eurovision news.

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