🇮🇹 Italy reveals Junior Eurovision 2021 entry – “Specchio (Mirror On The Wall)”

🇮🇹 Italy reveals Junior Eurovision 2021 entry – “Specchio (Mirror On The Wall)”

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Paris is just over one month away. Countries are releasing their entries and another nation to reveal their song is Italy. The winners of the 2021 adult Contest have announced that Elisabetta Lizza will perform “Specchio (Mirror On The Wall)” in France.

Listen to “Specchio” here!

With an English title of “Mirror On the Wall”, Elisabetta delivers a rock-pop number in a similar style to their successful adult participants – Måneskin. The lyrics of “Specchio” deal with the need to accept yourself as you are. References to a lack of filters or illusions, Elisabetta begs the mirror to love and accept her, before saying she wants to be the real her everyday.

Who is Elisabetta Lizza?

Representing Italy, Elisabetta is no stranger to singing competitions. For the past three years, Elisabetta has been taking part in musicals and local singing competitions across Italy before being selected by brodcaster RAI.

Outside of singing, the youngster is a talented pianist and dancer. Musically, Elisabetta regularly listens to artists such as Sam Smith and reigning Eurovision winners Måneskin.

Italy at Junior Eurovision

Despite only joining in the fun in 2014, Italy has been rather successful at Junior Eurovision. The nation debuted in the Contest in 2014, with Vincenzo Cantiello’s “Tu primo grande amore”. Their first entry has since delivered Italy’s best result at the Contest – finishing in 1st place. However, RAI chose not to host the 2015 Contest and gave the right to runners-up Bulgaria.

The last time Italy took part in Junior Eurovision was in 2019, withdrawing in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2019, Marta Viola represented Italy in Gliwice with the song “La voce della terra”. At the close of voting, Viola finished in 7th position in a field of 19, scoring 129 points.

What do you think of Italy’s entry to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021? Do you think Italy will win the Contest for a second time? Will you vote for Italy this year? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

News Source: EBU

Photo Credit: RAI

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