🎶 Eurovision music round-up: June 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: June 2022

Other Highlights

There is way too much music released every month to cover in-depth, but here are some of the best and biggest new tracks from other Eurovision artists:

Little Big – Generation Cancellation

Little Big, who were selected to represent Russia at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest, have released a new track. You can read more about “Generation Cancellation,” a song criticizing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, by clicking here.

Various Artists – “Ми з України”

Ukrainian TV channel TRC Ukraina gathered an all-star cast for a song about Ukrainian unity and the fight for freedom. The Eurovision artists involved are Tina Karol (Ukraine 2006), Zlata Ognevich (Ukraine 2013), MÉLOVIN (Ulraine 2018), and ALEKSEEV (Belarus 2018). Eurovision 2017 host Volodymyr Ostapchuk and Vidbir-contestants such as KAZKA also sing on the track.

Benjamin Ingrosso – Playlist (LP)

Benjamin Ingrosso, who represented Sweden in 2018, has released his fourth album. “Playlist,” as it is called, features some highly danceable tunes. The album has already hit the top 5 of the Swedish album charts and features a number of tracks released previously, such as “Dancing on a Sunny Day.”

Willem & Jan – Tussen Jou en Mij

Willem Bijkerk, better known as two-time Dutch Eurovision representative Waylon, has released a new track. It is a duet featuring Eurovision 2020 & 2021 host Jan Smit. “Tussen Jou en Mij” (Between You and Me) is a slick guitar-driven song. On the track, Willem & Jan reminisce about the good times that have come and gone.

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