🎶 Eurovision music round-up: July 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: July 2022

Welcome to the TES music round-up! This is the second installment of the new monthly series in which we catch you up on new music from Eurovision artists. Summer (or winter, for you Australians) is in full swing and so is the music business! In this edition: A song intended for Eurovision, an emotional return, and many collaborative efforts.

The 2022 Entries

Rosa Linn – “Snap – High and Fast”

Rosa Linn has been releasing new versions of her Eurovision entry “SNAP”. The latest remix of Armenia’s Eurovision entry has already amassed over 7.5 million streams as of writing. The success has led the song to hit the charts again, including #9 in Norway to #31 in New Zealand for the remix version, and #26 in the UK. Snap has even hit the Billboard Global charts, currently sitting at #55. You can read more about “SNAP – High and Fast” here:

Vladana – “Prevarena”

In the last round-up I already highlighted Vladana’s new release “Prevarena”. Since then, the 2022 Montenegrin representative has released a lyric video for the track:

Ronela Hajati – “Caramel” and “Valle”

Hot on the heels of releasing the collaborative effort “Papi Chulo,” the Albanian Eurovision 2022 representative has released two new solo tracks. Ronela first released, “Caramel,” her first ever song in Italian. The track, written by Ronela and two Italian songwriters, is a danceable, upbeat track. The music video sees her working again with Andi Murra, who also choreographed her “Sekret” performance at Albanian national final Festivali i Këngës.

“Valle” (Dance) does exactly what it says on the tin, it makes you dance. Musically, the track beautifully combines traditional Albanian sounds with modern pop. “Valle” was written by Ronela and long-time collaborator Marko Polo, with Tull Productions producing.

Subwoolfer – “Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song)”

The extraterrestrial duo who represented Norway at Eurovision 2022 have released a new track. “Melocoton (The Donka Donk Song)” is all about peaches. Subwoolfer appreciate the juicy fruit and all it stands for over a summery beat that fans of “Give That Wolf A Banana” will love. The music video sees Subwoolfer enjoying some time off at the seaside, and also features a short cameo of DJ Astronaut.

S10 & BLØF – “Laat Me Los”

S10 works together with one of the Netherlands’ most popular rock bands, BLØF, for new track “Laat Me Los” (Let Me Go). The song, which first debuted live at the Concert at SEA festival in Zeeland, has been lauded as the top song of the week by NPO Radio 2 and got crowned the week’s 3FM Megahit. S10 and BLØF are big fans of each other and this song is the result of a long-expressed desire by both to work together. The track, which S10 sent as a demo to BLØF to work on it further, is produced by August Vinberg. The lyrics revolve around letting go of and missing a loved one.

wrs x Andromache – “If you were alone / Sta matia sou”

wrs and Andromache have released a new track together. The Romanian and the Cypriot Eurovision 2022 representatives have combined their Latin and Greek sound into one track on “If you were alone / Sta matia sou”. The track is written by wrs, Andromache, and the two writers/composers wrs already worked with on “Llámame”. Lyrically, the song is about the passion the two singers feel when they are together. The music video for this summery track with a deep house sound was shot on the Greek island of Santorini.

Andrea – “Close To The Sun”

Andrea, who represented North Macedonia in Eurovision 2022, has released a new track soon after last month’s release “Heartbreak”. On Instagram Andrea shared that this song was actually intended for Eurovision. The track, a happier and more upbeat affair than Andrea’s other recent releases, sees her sing over a beautiful and smooth beat. The track is written and composed by Aleksandar Masevski, who Andrea has worked with on “Circles”, “Heartbreak,” and other songs.

Emma Muscat & Blas Cantó – “La Stessa Lingua”

Eurovision collab alert! Emma Muscat, who represented Malta in Eurovision 2022, has released a new track with 2021 Spanish contestant Blas Cantó. “La Stessa Lingua,” Italian for “The Same Language,” is about the love between two people who live far apart. Despite their distance, they can communicate through the language of love. The song includes lyrics in Italian and Spanish.

Monika Liu – “Bossa”

Lithuania’s 2022 representative is back with new music. “Bossa” is her first post-Eurovision release. The track is musically dark and lyrically sad, dealing with themes of dramatic love and destructive passion. The bossa nova song was written by Monika Liu and Miles James. James and Liu worked together previosuly on Sentimentai, and James also has worked with artists such as Foals, Little Simz, and Tom Odell. “Bossa” is the second single of Monika Liu’s upcoming fourth album.

Ochman ft. Opał – “Bittersweet”

Ochman has put out new single “Bittersweet” with rapper Opał featuring. The track, which has lyrics in English and Polish, is musically darker and more stripped back than his Eurovision entry “River”. But don’t worry, Ochman still brings plenty of references to and metaphors involving water to the table. The track was written by Ochman, Opał, and producer @atutowy. Ochman and @atutowy have worked a lot together already, including many of the tracks on Ochman’s 2021 self-titled album.

LUM!X – “Club Sound”

Austrian DJ and 2022 Eurovision representative LUM!X has been busy. Following the release of “We Could Be Together” last month, he has now released his new track “Club Sound”. The song is exactly what it calls itself: it’s the sound of a club. Heavy, pulsing beats to your heart’s content on this short new track. The release of “Club Sound” marks the end of a great week for LUM!X, as his and Pia Maria’s Eurovision entry “Halo” has just gone Gold in Austria.

Intelligent Music Project – “Unconditioned” (LP)

Bulgarian supergroup Intelligent Music Project have released their seventh studio album. “Unconditioned” clocks in at 15 tracks, including both the Eurovision and karaoke versions of “Intention”. Speaking to Bulgarian news site fakti.bg, band founder Dr. Milen Vrabevski says the album is:

[…] dedicated to unconditional love as a decisive factor for the normalization of our time. This love must be directed above all to our children, because they are the future, and we are the ones that we must guide and educate them to make bold decisions and live for the people around them.

Dr. Milen Vrabevski

Besides “Intention”, the album also includes the track “New Hero”, which they released as a single in the run-up to the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

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