🇬🇧 Freya Skye: “I watch Eurovision with my family every year…my Granny even dresses up.”

🇬🇧 Freya Skye: “I watch Eurovision with my family every year…my Granny even dresses up.”

As preparations for Junior Eurovision in Yerevan continue, Tim takes a few moments to chat to Freya Skye, who will be representing the UK. They discuss her selection as the UK’s first entrant in 17 years, the advice she received from Lucie Jones, and her experience with the Junior Eurovision process so far!

Hi Freya, I would just like to start things off by asking how you are doing today?

Hey, I’m really good thank you!

We’ll start by getting to know a bit about you, can you tell us any hobbies you have outside of singing? Who are your musical inspirations?

Apart from singing I love to act and dance, and I also love to play football. I actually play for my local team. One of my biggest musical inspirations is Anne-Marie. I love her music, her songs, the way she performs, and I LOVE her style.

How does it feel to be representing the UK at Junior Eurovision?

Lots of people think it would feel real by now but it still feels like a dream! I feel so so lucky to be given the opportunity to participate in something as special as Junior Eurovision.

The news that you are representing the UK was revealed by Lucie Jones, I wanted to ask how you felt when she revealed the news to you.

I was in total shock! I couldn’t believe it and I wasn’t expecting it. I remember saying to my parents before we went in, I thought I was attending a dance audition, imagine if I see Lucie Jones!

The first question I will ask about Junior Eurovision is your song “Lose My Head”, what was your personal experience like recording the song?

Recording the song was so much fun! I absolutely loved it! We recorded it in a famous recording studio here in the UK where the likes of One Direction and Ed Sheeran had recorded their songs! It was incredible!

You also filmed a music video for the song, what was the experience like to film it?

The music video was so much fun! On set of the music video I truly felt like a popstar! I had a choreographer, creative director, stylists and makeup artist – it really was a dream come true!  

What are your hopes for Junior Eurovision 2022 and the trip to Yerevan?

I am so excited to travel to Yerevan. I have never been before; I heard its cold! I want to go, meet all the participants, make friends for life and just have the best experience! It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity so I just want to have fun!

The UK will be returning the competition after 17 years and after a runner-up position earlier at this year’s contest, how does it feel to have that honour?

Sam Ryder is incredible and such an inspiration, and he really did the UK proud and I really hope to as well.

Coming up to Yerevan, have you spoken to any previous Eurovision participants at all? and have they given you advice in the lead up to your participation?

I have spoken to Lucie Jones who said to enjoy every minute and to write down all my experiences as it goes by so quickly, and it will be nice to look back and read it! I also met Sam Ryder who also said to go out there and have fun!

Can you give us any hints to what your staging will be like in Yerevan?

I would love to but we’re keeping it a surprise and I’m so excited for everyone to see it.

Have you ever watched “Eurovision” before your participation?, if so what are your favourite songs from it?

I watch Eurovision with my family every year. We have Eurovision parties; my Granny even dresses up. I love ‘Space Man’ and I also love Iceland’s entry – ‘Think about Things’ it’s so catchy!

Have you made friends with any of your fellow Junior Eurovision 2022 participants yet? If so, who?

I have been messaging them all on Instagram, they are all so so lovely and talented. I love all their songs and I am so excited to meet them.

Thank you for this opportunity, Is there anything you would like to say to the International Readers over at That Eurovision Site?

Thank you so much for chatting with me. I really hope you all enjoy this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. I’m so excited to perform for you all.

About Freya Skye

13-year-old Freya Skye from Buckinghamshire is the United Kingdom’s first JESC representative since 2005. She first developed a love of singing at the age of five, when she was given a karaoke machine as a gift. Freya wrote her first original song during the Covid lockdowns and also uploads cover videos to her YouTube channel. Besides singing and dancing, she enjoys acting, watching football, and spending time with her dog.

Listen to Freya’s entry, Lose My Head, here:

The UK’s Junior Eurovision Journey

The United Kingdom was one of the first countries to take part in the first edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. Represented by Tom Morley and his song “My Song for the World”, the UK finished in 3rd place in Copenhagen. At the close of voting, Morley earned 118 points, only behind Spain and Croatia. The UK would compete a further two times, with their most successful attempt coming in 2004. In Lillehammer, Cory Spedding finished in second place with her song “The Best is Yet to Come”. 2022 sees the UK return to the competition for the first time since 2005.

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Photo Credit: BBC / Justin Downing

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