๐ŸŽถ Eurovision music round-up: July 2023

๐ŸŽถ Eurovision music round-up: July 2023

Summer (or Winter, for those on the Southern Hemisphere) is in full swing now. After a couple of very busy moinths, it is time for a slow down this time, but there are still some absolute gems that came out in July. So get ready for another, but smaller, edition of the round-up, in which I highlight all the best and biggest Eurovision related music releases of the month! In this edition: impressive co-credits, re-recordings, and genre-blending.

The 2023 entries

Mimicat – “Vais Ter Saudades”

The heart-stealing Mimicat is back with an absolute bop! “Vais Ter Saudades” (You Will Miss) is another upbeat, personality filled, pop-meets-traditional track. On the song, Mimicat sings about how her partner will miss her if they don’t start giving her more love and attention. This song is the first time that Mimicat has worked with the song’s producer Filipe Survival (who also had a hand in Isaura’s excellent “Leve”), and Filipe also gets a co-credit for the music. The only other person credited on this track is Joรฃo Gaspar, who played the guitar and Portugal-stans might know as part of Bรกrbara Tinoco’s song “Um Natal UNIBANCO”.

Blanka – “Boys Like Toys”

“Solo” was already Blanka’s track for the summer, but now she is back with some more. “Boys Like Toys” is a track about a man with a crush on Blanka, while she openly admits that she will use him like a toy. The song was written by Blanka together with Kevin Mglej (who has cowritten some song for Viki Gabor) Andrzej Jaworski, and Jeremi Sikorski (both have worked with Roxie Wฤ™giel and Viki Gabor).

Marco Mengoni ยท ARIETE – “Due Nuvole”

Marco released the third part of his long-running “Materia” project just weeks after Eurovision, and now he is re-releasing one of the songs on that album in a new version. The track “Due Nuvole” (Two Clouds) has been turned into a duet, with fellow Sanremo 2023 contestant Ariete (“Mare di guai”) joining Marco.

Voyager – “Fearless in Love” (LP)

The new Voyager album is finally out! Following their May EP release and ahead of touring Europe in October, the Perth synth-rockers have released their eighth studio album. If you want to read more about the album opener best intentions, which includes Australia Decides effort “Dreamer,” Eurovision entry “Promise,” and many more excellent melodies and great riffs, click on the link below:

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