🎶 Eurovision music round-up: May 2023

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: May 2023

Now that the dust has settled on another eventful Eurovision season, what are you going to do? Packing your bags to visit your faves country? Trying to move past a case of the post-Eurovision dip? Or just doing something else entirely? Whatever you do, there is good news: a lot of new music from all your favourite Eurovision artists past and present has been released. So buckle up for another mega edition, featuring EPs, your next summer anthems, and the Liverpool Songbook.

The 2023 entries

Voyager – “Prince of Fire” (EP)

Voyager had a strong top 10 finish at Eurovision this month and they are not planning to stop there! Ahead of releasing their next album, “Fearless in Love”, on July 14 and an accompanying tour, they have released the EP “Prince of Fire”. The three-track record includes Eurovision smash “Promise” sandwiched in between the EP title track and the track “Submarine”. Both new tracks have Voyager’s distinctive hard-yet-melodic sound.

Crypto – “Feeling Good (ft. Teya)”

Teya provides some excellent vocals for this new version of “Feeling Good” by Crypto. The track itself is an obvious classic dating back to 60’s musical The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd, although I probably know it best from the version Muse released in 2001. This version takes some of the grittiness from that version, but also brings it’s own electronica and smoothness to the proceedings.

Sudden Lights – “Backwards in Time”

“Backwards in Time” marks the second song that Sudden Lights have released of the official Eurovision “A Little Bit More” project. The song is an English-language rework of their track “Siltas vasaras ēnā”, which was the opener of their 2022 album “Miljards vasaru”. As such, it sonically fits in perfectly with the rest of their great discography.

Monika Linkytė – “HEALING” (LP)

It’s a whole album for Monika Linkytė, as she releases the full-length record “HEALING”. The album is really more of an EP as, despite clocking in at 8 songs, two of those songs are an under-a-minute intro and another just as short intermission, for a total runtime of 18 minutes. That being said, Monika’s voice is outstanding as always on this album, which includes Eurovision entry “Stay (ČIŪTO TŪTO),” although I have seen that some platforms still try to play the original English-only version of it to you instead.

Diljá – “Crazy”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Diljá might be going in a different musical direction, but as soon as the chorus kicks in you can hear her particular approach to drum and bass, which this time includes a funky saxophone. The song is a bundle of energy that to me feels reminiscent of the walls of sound you could get out of some pop tracks in the late 80s and 90s, while still being new and fresh. Lyrically the song is about not caring about what people say about you.

Vesna – “MUZIKA” (EP)

The Czech representatives Vesna present a four-track EP to the world, which includes an acoustic version of their Eurovision track “My Sister’s Crown”. “Hej mami” is powerful, “Queen of Love” brings something danceable to the Vesna sound, while “Płakały” leans slightly more into their folk sound. A lot of good stuff for fans from Vesna then, on this EP!

Marco Mengoni – “MATERIA (PRISMA)” LP

It’s a year of returns for Marco. Back at Sanremo, back at Eurovision, and now back with his “MATERIA” (MATTER) project. This is the third part of this project in three years time, following “Terra” and “Pelle”. Out of the 37 tracks total, 11 are part of the new “Prisma” release. These tracks include Eurovision entry “Due Vite,” collaborations with ELODIE, Ernia, Jeson, and The Kingdom Choir, and more. Together with the album, the official music video for “Pazza Musica” (Crazy Music), his track with Elodie, was released. Musically the album hits a number of different tones, so fans of Marco have a lot to look forward to with this release.

Reiley – “Lovesongs”

Faroese singer and Denmark’s 2023 representative Reiley has released new track “Lovesongs”. It’s a sugary and catchy pop track cowritten by the singer. Musically the track is a bit more upbeat than his Eurovision entry, and lyrically it has a similarish vibe.

Albina Kelmendi – “Inat”

Albina and the Kelmendi family have promised to release more songs together, but right now it is time for some more solo releases. Her new track is “Inat” (Envy) is that fascinating kind of ballad that includes a fairly danceable chorus. The lyrics were written by Rron, with Deard Sylejmani taking on composing and production.

Alika – “You”

Alika had a strong showing for Estonia this year with “Bridges,” and she is hoping to build on that success with new single “You”. You (the reader, not the song) can read all about “You” (the song, not the reader) in the article below:

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