šŸŽ¶Eurovision music round-up: August 2023

šŸŽ¶Eurovision music round-up: August 2023

Now Thatā€™s What I Callā€¦ The Extended Eurovision Universe

As any Eurovision megafan knows, Eurovision neither starts nor ends with the main contest. From National Final season introducing the world to new and exciting artists, to former Junior Eurovision artists, to the big-name songwriters and producers that work behind the scenes, people from all over the music industry make Eurovision the amazing thing that it is. Here are some of the best new releases by Eurovision-adjacent acts:

KUUMAA – “TƤssƤ on kaikki”

“TƤssƤ on kaikki” (Here’s everything) you might have thought for now following KUUMAA’s album releasing late March. But you would’ve been wrong! The UMK 2023 contestants are back with some more fun, slick retro electro-indie-pop.

Alen Chicco – “killer on this beat”

Alen Chicco is a familiar name for Lithuania fans, and now is back with new track “killer on this beat”. The self-directed, VFX heavy music video was heavily inspired by superhero media. Musically, this is just an absolutely slapping song with a good dirty beat with a great vocal hook.

LONELY SPRING – “Sad Weather Kids”

The German pop-punkers LONELY SPRING are back with a less upbeat but perhaps even more defiant track than their ULfL offering “Misfit”. It’s another pop-punk track that could slot in right along some of the classics of the genre. Lyrically, the track deals with life not panning out as others, or yourself, might have hoped, and how that is still okay.

Sandra Lyng & Hagle – “Dum i haue”

MGP 2023 contestant Sandra Lyng is part of my guilty pleasure of the month. “Dum i haue” (roughly translates to “Brainless”) is a suitably empty headed country-rap party track that lyrically and musically commands you to just dance and jump around. Astoundingly fun and catchy.

Jelena KarleuÅ”a – “ALPHA” (LP) and “OMEGA” (LP)

Jelena KarleuÅ”a has decided to release two(-ish) albums on the same day. “ALPHA” and “OMEGA” are, as the titles indicate, related projects. In contrast to what you might think initally, though, “ALPHA” has the darker sound of the two. Said album is a moody, intense pop album that combines Balkan pop with rap, EDM, hyperpop, and even folk influences at times. The still intense and grand “OMEGA” feels subdued compared to it, thanks to its more traditional Balkan pop sound.

Darin – “Satellit”

Opening the Melfest section of the round-up is someone who is better known for other work: being an interval act in 2013! Darin has released his second single of the year, “Satellit”. The 80s-inspired track was penned by the singer while on a trip in Ireland. Lyrically, the song is about dreaming and doing big.

Smash Into Pieces – “Watching Over You”

Swedish electronic rockers Smash Into Pieces are no longer “Six Feet Under,” as they now manage to be “Watching Over You”. The angsty teenager that I once was would have loved the f*ck out of this song, with the music having a very nice hard drive to it.

Theoz – “NaĢŠgon Annan”

The Swedish twink that always records disturbingly catchy tracks is back for more. “NaĢŠgon Annan” (Someone Else) is a musically upbeat track about the heartbreak of seeing a past or potential lover dancing with someone else. Writing duties for this track were fulfilled by Axel Schylstrƶm, Peter Bostrƶm, and Thomas G:son, the latter two of which also did the production.

Listen to all the songs above and more

Weā€™ve made a handy Spotify playlist of the songs in this article and all other releases from Eurovision artists this month, including remixes and other special releases. So get ready for everything from DiljĆ”, Aminata, and Guy Sebastian to Melovin, Who See, Eye Cue, and many more. The playlist gets updated every month, so donā€™t forget to follow it to always stay up to date. Did we miss anything? Then send Angus a message over on Twitter.

What were your favourite releases this month? And whose music are you looking forward to in September? Be sure to follow That Eurovision Site on TwitterFacebookInstagram and Tik-Tok for all things Eurovision 2024 and much, much more!

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Photo Credit: TVORCHI / Aleksandr Medvedenko, Aminata, Alen Chicco / Kristina Gulbinaitė, Jessica Mauboy. Collage by That Eurovision Site

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