🎶 Eurovision music round-up: June 2023

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: June 2023

It is (or, well, was) June, so festival season is here! Glasto, Hurricane, Pinkpop, Best Kept Secret and many more have been and gone, with many more exciting festivals to come. But music artists from Eurovision and beyond aren’t just busy touring open air stages, but releasing a lot of new music as well. In this month’s round-up: surprisingly upbeat songs, Melfest entrants a plenty, and a seemingly endless parade of winners.

The 2023 entries

ALIKA – “Too Much”/”Lihtsalt veab”

ALIKA is continuing her busy schedule with another new song, following last month’s release of “You”. “Too Much” is an upbeat addition to her discography, with her voice being accompanied by acoustic guitar and some light drum work. Alika wrote the lyrics of the song alone, and co-composed the music together with Elias Hjelm, Frederik Küüts, and song producer Aleksi Liski. Alongside the English-language release, she also released a version of the song in Estonian called “Lihtsalt veab” (Just lucky), which got a music video to go along with it.

Noa Kirel x Forever Tel Aviv (Prod. Sagi Kariv) – “פרובוקטיבית”

Noa Kirel has been a frequent guest on the round-up already, thanks to a regular release schedule (and the very early announcement that she would be going to Eurovision). Now she is back with her first post-Eurovision release: “פרובוקטיבית” (Provocative). It’s another dance-ready pop track by the Israeli performer.

TVORCHI X The Hardkiss – “Мрійники”

TVORCHI have teamed up with The Hardkiss, whose singer Yulia was one of the Eurovision hosts this year, for new song “Мрійники” (Dreamers). The song combines the sound of the electronic duo and the rockband marvelously, which includes both English and Ukrainian lyrics. On Instagram, TVORCHI write that this song has taken a while to see the light of day, as preparations for this collab began all the way back in 2021.

La Zarra (feat. Katerina Stikoudi) – Évidemment (Duet Version)

La Zarra is blessing us with a new version of Évidemment. The production is (almost) the same, but now it is a duet! Greek pop icon Katerina Stikoudi joins the song, adding lyrics in Greek in the process. It’s a fascinating combination.

Mia Nicolai – “Loop”

Mia Nicolai is back with the fresh new alt-poprock track “Loop”. Talking about the song on Instagram, Mia writes that she hopes that “this song will give you the extra strength this summer to get out of loops that hold you back from living freely doing exactly what makes you happy without caring about what others may think of it! This life is way too short for that”. Well, not much more that I can add to that, except recommending you to check it out!

Mae Muller – “Me, Myself, And I”

Coming at the very, very end of the month with a new track is Mae Muller! You can read more about the new single by the UK’s 2023 representative here:

Victor Vernicos – “The 968 Paradox”

Greece’s Victor Vernicos has released new track “The 968 Paradox,” which he once again completely wrote, composed, produced, and mixed himself. Find out more, including the meaning of the title, here:

IRU – “Seen”

IRU represented Georgia this year with “Echo,” and now she has released the very different “Seen”. You can read more about the track here:

Sudden Lights – “Mēs turpināmies”

Latvia’s Sudden Lights just can’t stop releasing music! This month, they released their new single “Mēs turpināmies,” and you can read all about it in the article below:

Alessandra – “Pretty Devil”

Norwegian representative Alessandra released multiple versions of her Eurovision entry “Queen of Kings,” including some remixes that dropped on June 1st that I will not cover in-depth here. But go check them out on your streaming service of choice! But after that, she went on to release new single “Pretty Devil,” which you can read more about below:

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