🗳️ Details about the Online Vote for Junior Eurovision 2023 have been revealed

🗳️ Details about the Online Vote for Junior Eurovision 2023 have been revealed

If this is the first time or the 21st time and you just need a reminder, the EBU has revealed the online voting mechanism for Junior Eurovision 2023, which will take place on the 26th of November in Nice.

How to cast your votes?

Voting will be open to everyone around the world. Viewers can vote for three acts, and there are no restrictions on voting for your own country. Voters will cast their vote by visiting the official Junior Eurovision website here. Online voting accounts for 50% of the overall votes while the other 50% will come from the professional juries.

Voting will open on the 24th of November at 20:00CET, where a preview of the performances will be shown, and viewers will be able to vote for up to three countries. The vote will temporary stop on the 26th of November at 15:59CET, just before the contest airs. The voting window will open once again after the last song opens, and will last for approximately 15 minutes.

All about Junior Eurovision 2023

Junior Eurovision 2023 landed in Nice after France won the competition for a second time in Yerevan, represented by Lissandro with “Oh Maman”. This year’s competition will take place on the 26th of November at 16:00CET, at the Palais Nikaïa.

The competing countries and their representative (where applicable) are as follows:

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News Source: EBU

Photo Credit: France Télévisions

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