🇩🇪 Ann Sophie auditions on The Voice of Germany

🇩🇪 Ann Sophie auditions on The Voice of Germany

Ann Sophie Dürmeyer, who took to the Eurovision stage for Germany with the song “Black Smoke” in 2015, is now taking part in another contest. She appeared on the third episode of The Voice of Germany, as the last of the night’s eleven auditions. Singing “Summertime,” she was a hit with all the coaches and made it through to the next round.

Ann Sophie and Eurovision

Ann Sophie is best known to most people for representing Germany in 2015, and getting 0 points in the process. During last night’s show, Ann Sophie reflected on how amazing her Eurovision journey was on the one hand, and how much it hurt on the other. After an eventful national final that saw the winner, Andreas Kümmert, withdraw, second-placed Ann Sophie was selected to go to Eurovision.

At the contest, she received 0 points, something which deeply hurt her. It took until 2019 for her to pick up her music career up again properly. Perhaps most notable was her lead role in the musical Cirque Du Soleil Paramour in Hamburg, which she was a part of in 2019 and 2020.

A great night for Ann Sophie

This lead role has built Ann Sophie’s confidence again, to the point where she had the courage to be on a big stage again. Singing a beautiful version of the song “Summertime,” it merely took one note for two coaches to turn around. The other two would follow soon after. Besides many compliments for her soulful voice, there also was some reminiscing. Not only was she recognized for her Eurovision performance, but one of the coaches actually helped her out during the national final, as Mark Forster was coaching her throughout that contest. To help Ann Sophie decide on who to pick, coach Sarah Connor offered to sing “Summertime” as a duet. After this great performance, Ann Sophie chose Sarah Connor as her coach.

What you should know about The Voice of Germany

Watchers who enjoy Eurovision might have recognized something else tonight as well. Fellow contestant Will Church performed the 2019 Eurovision winner “Arcade.” He also made it through the audition, choosing Nico Santos as his coach. Those who want to follow Ann Sophie on her journey can watch The Voice of Germany on Sat. 1 and Prosieben. The Battles rounds of The Voice of Germany will start on November 11.

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