🎶 Eurovision music round-up: September 2022

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: September 2022

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As any Eurovision megafan knows, Eurovision neither starts nor ends with the main contest. National Final season always introduces the world to new and exciting artists, many of which don’t get to go to the main event. Here are some of the biggest and best releases from National Final artists this month.

Jubël featuring Noa Kirel – “Lucky”

Noa Kirel makes her second appearance in the music round-up since being announced as Israel’s representative for Eurovision 2023 (you can read more about said track and why Noa is included under NF entries in last month’s roundup). “Lucky” is the newest track by Swedish duo Jubël, whose 2019 electropop-cover of “Dancing In The Moonlight” enjoyed considerable domestic and international chart success. Noa Kirel sings together with this summery, dance-pop track about just going for it and fulfilling your dreams, even if it might be a gamble.

Kadnay – “Земля”

2018 Vidbir finalists Kadnay have released new song “Земля” (Land). Compared to their Vidbir entry, the group have swapped the electronic sound for rousing strings, drums, and a children’s choir. The song was originally supposed to be on an upcoming album, to be released in time for the band’s ten year anniversary. With the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the album has been postponed, but the band has released two songs since, with “Земля” being the second. In an interview with broadcaster Suspilne, the band say that this is their first time talking about social and political issues in their lyrics, having previously focused on personal stories.

Felicia Lu – “Band-Aid”

Felicia Lu is back with her latest song since her feature on Ali Bakgor’s “Mistake”. The two-time German National Final contestant wrote her song “Band-Aid” after a break-up, “when I was already fully healed but there still was something left of that person, name it memories or some kind of residue that I simply wanted to get rid off”. Dany Weisz, who worked with Felicia Lu on tracks such as “Anxiety” and with 2016 AUstrian representative Zoë on her 2021 track “Rêverie,” produced and co-wrote the track.

Maël & Jonas – “mario & peach”

Felicia Lu isn’t the only Germany 12 Points finalist to release new music. Runners-up Maël & Jonas have released new track “mario & peach”. The track uses the famous video game characters as a metaphor for an on-again-off-again relationship. The sound of the song is arguably best described as “perfect for TikTok,” while the music video takes a note from their National Final entry “I swear to god,” with both videos being filmed on a rooftop.

Erika Vikman – “Kateus” and “Ihmisen ikävä toisen luo”

Erika Vikman, who competed in Finland’s UMK20 with what might be some of the best staging we’ve ever seen, has released two new tracks this month. First up is “Kateus” (Jealousy), which is the theme song for the film “Kikka!,” a biopic about famous Finnish singer Kikka. Speaking to Episodi about being asked to record a song for the movie, Erika Vikman said:

“When I was asked to sing a song for the Kikka movie, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I knew that this honorable task belonged to me. Kika’s influence can be seen and heard in my music. I see her as a forerunner and a feminist trailblazer who has only now received the respect she deserves

Erika Vikman

And from the silver screen to the small screen: Vikman’s second song this month was recorded for the 13th season of “Vain elämää”, the Finnish version of Dutch TV format “The Best Singers”. Vikman is one of the participants on that show, which this season also sees UMK22 participant Tommi Läntinen take part. “Ihmisen ikävä toisen luo” (A person’s longing for another person) is a cover of a song from 1980 by fellow participant Mikko Alatalo.

Olivera – “No Tomorrow”

And that is not the only UMK contestant we are highlighting this month. Olivera has released “No Tomorrow,” her second solo release since her UMK entry “Thank God I’m An Atheist”. The gentle pop track that builds from a soft keyboard arrangement to include strings, drums, and more is about a love that absolutely shouldn’t work, but somehow still does. Along with the release of the track, the Finnish singer confirmed that her debut album will be coming out later this year.

Helion, Klara Hammarström – “Bye Bye Bye”

Three time Melfest contestant Klara Hammarström has worked with DJ Helion to bring us the new track “Bye Bye Bye”. I think we all know what I will write about a DJ produced track featuring a female vocalist: it’s a club and dancefloor ready song with heavy beats. Look, I am nothing if not predictable (usually, at least). In the song, Klara sings about leaving her lover and choosing to dance on her own instead.

Listen to all the songs above and more

We’ve made a handy Spotify playlist of the songs in this article and all other releases from Eurovision artists this month, including remixes and other special releases. So get ready for everything from Systur and AWS to Daði Freyr, Michael Ball, Blue, and Yianna Terzi. The playlist gets updated every month, so don’t forget to follow it to always stay up to date. Did we miss anything? Then send Angus a message over on Twitter.

What is your favourite Eurovision related release of this month? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow ‘That Eurovision Site’ on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter as we prepare for Eurovision 2023.

Photo Credit: Erika Vikman / Systur / Roxen

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