🎶 Eurovision music round-up: February 2023

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: February 2023

Other Highlights

There is way too much music released every month to cover in-depth, but here are some of the best and biggest new tracks from other Eurovision artists:

Isaura – “A noite não conta”

Isaura has a new song out, and that means you all just have to deal with me raving about her music again! “A noite não conta” (The night doesn’t count) starts, uncharacteristically for Isaura, with just an acoustic guitar and her voice. But then a piano and drums kick in, and the song just keeps beautifully building from there on out. The song is about it being “ok to have bad moments and it’s ok not to be on top of the world,” according to Isaura on Instagram.

Francesca Michielin – “Cani Sciolti” (LP)

Francesca Michielin has a new album out called “Cani Sciolti”, which literally translates to “Free Dogs” but means something akin to “those that don’t follow the rules”. The track features the wide variety of indie-esque pop-adjacent genres we have come to expect from the Italian, including July’s electropop bop “bonsoir” and September’s poprock track “occhi grandi grandi”. New songs on the 13-piece album includes, amongst others, excellent ballad “piccola città” and the beautiful sweeping indie soundscapes of “carmen”.

The BossHoss, Ilse DeLange – “YOU”

Everyone’s favourite member of The Common Linnets teams up again with German country-rockers The BossHoss for new track “YOU”. Fans of either of these artists or the Voice of Germany will know this isn’t their first collab, as they also made this excellent Jolene cover back in 2015. Ilse DeLange brings some country-pop glam throughout the track, while The BossHoss bring a bit of the grit they are known for. The love song will be performed live at Germany’s National Final for Eurovision, March 3rd.

ALEKSEEV – “Варшава – Київ”

ALEKSEEV, the Ukrainian singer who represented Belarus in 2018, has just released new song “Варшава – Київ” (Warsaw – Kyiv). The track is, in ALEKSEEV’s own words, “the soundtrack of your homecoming” for all the Ukrainians who have had to flee their homes and their country. Musically, the track is an uplifting ballad which really showcases ALEKSEEV’s nice voice.

Loïc Nottet – “Danser”

If you are looking for cool, beat-heavy pop Loïc Nottet has got you covered with new song “Danser” (Dance). It’s the second single for his upcoming album, with lead Mélodrame having come out in November. “Danser” is less moody and more, well, danceable. That is not to say that this isn’t a deeply serious and emotional song, however. The track deals with harassment, the liberating power of dance, and the struggle between acceptance and resistance to change.

Amandine Bourgeois – “Je Veux Rêver”

She brought French rock to the stage in 2013, but Amandine Bourgeois’ latest track is something very different. Marrying chanson with jazz and tango, “Je Veux Rêver” (I Want To Dream) is mysterious, seductive, and it’s Valentines Day release was perfectly timed.

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