🎶 Eurovision music round-up: April 2023

🎶 Eurovision music round-up: April 2023

The 2023 artists

The artists participating this year aren’t happy to just prepare for Eurovision. Between releasing new mixes or versions of their entries to releasing some absolutely banging new tracks, they’ve been busy in the studio as well! And with Eurovision just around the door, this is the perfect moment to get all those ears and eyeballs on your song of course. So, enjoy this extra page dedicated to all the April releases by Eurovision 2023 artists:

TRUU · TEYA – “Making Grown Men Cry”

Teya might claim to be possessed by Edgar Allen Poe for her Eurovision entry with Salena, but that is not the only thing she is getting up to. Together with producer TRUU, she has now released new track “Making Grown Men Cry”. This is not the first time these two are working together, having previously released the song “Mirror Mirror”. A dark-pop track, lyrically “Making Grown Men Cry” deals with misogynistic and manipulative men.

Also, Tomas Robin’s new track ” Undefined” dropped this month, and it was co-written by Teya.

Joker Out & Elvis Costello – “New Wave”

Not to be outdone with collabs and releasing music ahead of their biggest weeks yet, Joker Out have wheeled out the big guns. You can read more about “New Wave,” the new song by Joker Out and the legendary Elvis Costello, here:

Brunette with Kami Friends – “Dimak”, “Arevin mot”, “Future Lover”

Artists tend to perform some music when appearing in a televised interview, and Brunette is no different. Part of the program was dedicated to a three-song performance by Brunette together with the band Kami Friends. Besides a different version of Eurovision entry “Future Lover,” they also performed a cover of Koloyan’s “Arevin mot” (Close to the sun) and new song “Dimak” (Mask). All three tracks combine Brunette’s distincitive genre-mixing with further electronic and orchestral elements.

Alessandra – “Queen of Kings (Italian Version)”

Speaking of different versions of your Eurovision entry! Alessandra follows in the footsteps of Vladana and many others before her by releasing an Italian-language version of her Eurovision song. Something about Alessandra’s vocal delivery in Italian makes this version sound both smoother and grander to me, this slaps.

Blanca Paloma – “Plumas De Nácar”

Before leaving for Liverpool, Blanca Paloma gave a concert on Spanish TV that also included guest appearances from fellow Benidorm acts. At the concert, she premiered her new track “Plumas De Nácar” (Feathers Of Nácar). It’s a stunning, haunting track with some beautiful electronic production accompanying Blanca’s amazing voice.

Annti Tuisku – “Auto jää (feat. Käärijä)”

“Auto jää” (The car stays) is the latest party anthem by Finnish singer Annti Tuisku, who rose to prominence following his third place in Finland’s Idols 2003. Joining him on his new track is Käärijä, who adds his own energetic twist to the track.

Mae Muller, Vendredi sur Mer – “I Wrote A Song”

Mae Muller teams up with Swiss singer Vendredi sur Mer for a slightly different production and a French-language verse replacing the spoken word part. It’s a fascinating team up and the two singers sound pretty damn amazing together.

Lord Of The Lost – “Destruction Manual (Single Edit)”

“Blood & Glitter” was the title track of Lord Of The Lost’s chart-topping 2022 album, and they are still going strong with promoting it. The latest single to be released of the album is an edited-down version of “Destruction Manual,” a hard-hitting track that is more bass and guitar driven than their Eurovision entry.

Voyager – “Break A Broken Heart”

Voyager covered “Break A Broken Heart”, the Cypriot entry this year, for Eurovision’s “A Little Bit More” project, and has decided that it deserved to also hit streaming! The guitar work on this track is killer in my opinion, and the rest of the band really tie it all together into something pretty damn cool.

Sudden Lights – “Aijā (Acoustic)”

Speaking of “A Little Bit More,” Sudden Lights made and now officially also released an acoustic version of their excellent Eurovision entry “Aijā”. You can read more about the new version here:

Reiley – “Breaking My Heart (Acoustic)”

Also releasing an acoustic version of his entry is Reiley. The vocal effects and electronic instruments are lost, but there is still some pretty fascinating and impressive production going on here.

And now… remix o’clock!

There are an absolutely astounding amount of remixes of Eurovision 2023 songs that came out this month alone. With a few exceptions, I do not tend to cover remixes in these round-ups. But between Eurovision being so close and the variety on display, I will give you some rapid fire coverage for all the remixes this month.

Voyager – “Promise [Progressive House Remix]

Speaking of Voyager and Eurovision’s “A Little Bit More”, they also made their own Progressive House remix of their Eurovision entry. If you haven’t listened to it yet, do yourself a favour and do it now. It slaps.

Andrew Lambrou – “Break A Broken Heart (Sped Up Version)

This track has been sped up to a breezy 2 minute 30, and I have to admit: I bopped my head along while listening to it.

Käärijä – “Cha Cha Cha (Faustix Remix)”

Faustix is a Danish DJ and he has given “Cha Cha Cha” a whole new sound. Much more standard club fare while still keeping true in a way to the original.

Iru – “Echo (Remix)”

“Echo” becomes an even stranger and, at times, somehow even more dramatic song in this remix that extends the songs runtime to 3m26.

Luke Black – “Samo mi se spava” TEEN and Shurk remixes

TEEN turns “Samo mi se spava” into something even more perfect for some strange nightclub. Meanwhile, Shurk speeds up the track a bit and highlights Luke’s voice while adding a fairly high-pitched, surprisingly thumping beat.

Mae Muller – “I Wrote A Song” Topic and Jay Dixie remixes

Besides a version with Vendredi sur Mer, Mae Muller also released two remixes of “I Wrote A Song”. Topic’s is truly massive DJ-set ready. Jay Dixie leans a bit more into the modern disco elements before going for a bass-boosted beat for the chorus.

TVORCHI – “Heat of Steel (Remix)”

And finally, TVORCHI also released a remix of their Eurovision entry. The vocals are sped up while the music gets a club-beat.

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