🇳🇱 The Netherlands confirms participation in the 2022 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

🇳🇱 The Netherlands confirms participation in the 2022 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

With the 2021 Junior Eurovision season in full swing, some of the participating countries are still ironing out their plans for this year’s competition. However, for The Netherlands, even though this year’s Junior Songfestivalhas just concluded, they have already confirmed they will be present in next year’s competition. With this confirmation, The Netherlands continues to be the only nation in the contest to have participated continuously since its inception in 2003.

Junior Songfestival to select The Netherlands’s 2022 representative

As with most of its representatives, The Netherlands will once again be using Junior Songfestival to select its 2022 Junior Eurovision representative. Aspiring singers are able to find out more about the rules (in Dutch) as well as the submission form right here.

The Netherlands’ Junior Eurovision Journey

Being one of the countries that participated in the first edition in 2003, The Netherlands is one of the countries that have not missed a single competition, since its inception in 2003. They managed to win once in 2009 with Ralf Mackenbach and his entry “Click Clack”, and a runner-up in 2011 with Rachel and “Teenager”.

In addition to their participation, the country has also hosted the competition twice. First in 2007, in the Ahoy Arena (the home of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest), and the Heineken Music Hall in 2012).

In 2021, The Netherlands selected Ayana to represent them in Paris with the song “Mata Sugu Aō Ne”, with the country set to participate in the competition for the 19th time.

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News Source: Junior Songfestival

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