🇰🇿 TES Preview: “A Magical and Futuristic performance” for Alinur & Beknur’s rehearsal

🇰🇿 TES Preview: “A Magical and Futuristic performance” for Alinur & Beknur’s rehearsal

Today, the remaining ten participating countries of the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest are having their second rehearsal. These are Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Serbia, Russia, and France.

In today’s rehearsal, the attending Press had the opportunity to watch the full rehearsals from these countries. Before we find out what happens in Kazakhstan’s rehearsal, let’s see how their first rehearsal went.

What happens during Alinur & Beknur’s performance?

At the beginning of the performance we see a spaceship being projected onto the LED screen, with the camera panning to Beknur, who is on the middle of the stage, and Alinur further back. Alinur then walks towards Beknur at the middle of the stage, where the background is shown in the LED backgrounds changes until the end of the song.

You are able to see a preview of the performance right here:

Kazakhstan’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2018, Kazakhstan made its debut in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where Daneliya Tuleshova represented the nation with “Ózińe Sen” which placed 6th. Since their debut, they have participated two more times. In 2019, with Yerzhan Maksim and the song “Armanyńnan qalma” and once again in 2020 with Karakat Bashanova with “Forever”, both of which placed 2nd overall.

What do you think of Alinur & Beknur’s rehearsal so far? Are you looking forward to seeing the full performance? Let us know in the comments below or on social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

News Source: That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: Yesserkenov Arman

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