🇪🇸 Carlos Higes: “I think Europe will love it”

🇪🇸 Carlos Higes: “I think Europe will love it”

As preparations for Junior Eurovision in Yerevan continue, Jazzi takes a few moments to chat to Carlos Higes, who will be representing Spain. They discuss the recording process of his song! They also speak about his hopes for Spain in this year’s contest.

Spain’s Junior Eurovision representative Carlos Higes.
Photo Credit: RTVE

Hi Carlos, I would just like to start things off by asking how you are doing today?

I am here on my school and I am very excited and happy with this Eurovision Junior experience.

We’ll start by getting to know a bit about you, can you tell us any hobbies you have outside of singing?

Singing, dancing, going to school, studying reading and playing the piano are my main hobbies.

How do you feel to be representing Spain at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest?

I’m very excited for being the Spanish representative at Junior Eurovision and I’m so excited to meet all the participants and to sing and on that huge and amazing stage

The first question I will ask is about your song “Señorita”,how was it like recording the song?

Well, it was a very cool process and a great job because I had a lot of fun recording and also with my choir I have a lot of fun

You filmed the music video in Valencia, what was it like to film?

Filming the videoclip in Valencia was also an amazing experience because it has been my first videoclip. So yeah we were so excited and also recording in Valencia was very special for me.

What are your hopes for Junior Eurovision 2022 and the trip to Yerevan?

I want to go to Armenia because I want to meet all the participants and I also want to sing because that’s my passion.

Can you give us any hints to what your staging will be like in Yerevan?

Well my staging in Armenia it’s going to be very cool because I have four dancers and the choreography will be be very explosive. I think Europe will love it.

Who are your musical inspirations?

My musical inspirations are Justin Bieber and Sebastian Yatra, a Colombian singer. I love them.

Have you heard any of the other Junior Eurovision 2022 songs, if so did you have any favourites?

I don’t have any favourite because I love all the songs. The Netherlands has a very similar song to me and I also love Poland, UK… I could not choose.

Do you have any favourite past Spanish Junior Eurovision songs?

My favourite in Spanish at JESC is ‘P’alante’, de Soleá. I love her. But I also love María Isabel, our winner, Melani, Levi… they are so great.

Have you made friends with any of your fellow Junior Eurovision 2022 participants yet? If so, who?

We are already friends and I have been talked with Laura of Poland, Luna, Freya… before arriving on Armenia.

Thank you for this opportunity, Is there anything you would like to say to the International Viewers over at That Eurovision Site?

Thank you very much for this opportunity. I did really enjoyed this interview. Thanks for your support!!! See you soon and I hope you like ‘Señorita’ and vote for Spain!

Everyone at “That Eurovision Sitewould like to thank Carlos and the Spanish delegation for taking their time to speak with us! We wish him all the best on Sunday

Spain’s Junior Eurovision 2022 representative Carlos Higes
Photo Credit: RTVE

About Carlos Higes

Carlos Higes from Valencia will represent Spain this year. He is eleven, and cites former Eurovision artists Blas Cantó and Chanel among his musical influences. He was also inspired by Jamala’s win at the 2016 contest, beginning his dream of participating in Eurovision when he was only four years old. Some viewers may recognize him from participating in the Spanish edition of The Voice Kids.

Spain’s Junior Eurovision Journey

Spain has taken part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest a total of 7 times, with their first participation coming in the first edition of the Contest in 2003. In the initial Contest, Spain was represented by Sergio singing “Desde el cielo”, and at the close of voting Spain finished in second place, earning 125 points. Spain would go on to win the next edition of the show with María Isabel’s “Antes Muerte Que Sencilla”, finishing with 171 points.

Spain’s most recent participation was in 2021, when Levi Díaz represented the nation with his song “Reír” in Paris. At the close of voting, Spain finished 15th in a field of 19 participants. This was the first time Spain had placed anywhere outside the top 5 in any of their participations. Spain earned 77 points – 47 of which came from the online vote. The remaining 30 points were awarded by professional juries across Europe.

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Photo Credit: RTVE

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