Happy Eurovision New Year! A Round-Up of Eurovision 2024 so far

Happy Eurovision New Year! A Round-Up of Eurovision 2024 so far

Well, it just turned midnight in Central Europe, and with that, there’s only one thing we have to say


Rewinding back to May, Sweden won the competition in Liverpool with Loreen and her entry “Tattoo”, and made history by being the first female artist to win the competition twice. SVT was quick to work and revealed the Core Team that will be producing next year’s show, with the EBU and SVT announcing on July 7 that Malmö will be hosting Eurovision 2024 on May 7, 9 and 11.

With it, we are only about eight months in, until we head to Sweden for the 68th edition of the competition. Host broadcaster SVT is certainly working hard to ensure we have a great competition. It has been over 7 YEARS!!! since Sweden last hosted the competition in 2016, where Jamala won with her entry “1944” in Stockholm.

Who will we see or won’t see in Malmö?

With the Eurovision 2024 season just starting, some countries have already confirmed that they will be participating in next year’s competition. Some countries have revealed their selection method, and some are yet to reveal this.

  • Albania – RTSH is yet to reveal how they will select Albania’s 20th representative.
  • Austria – ORF will internally select Austria’s 56th representative.
  • Azerbaijan – İctimai Television has opened submissions for the search of Azerbaijan’s16th representative.
  • Belgium – It was revealed that Mustii will be Belgium’s 65th representative.
  • Cyprus – CyBC was set to use “Fame Story” as its selection. However, this has now been scrapped. It is yet to be revealed how CyBC will select Cyprus’ 40th representative.
  • Denmark – DR will once again be using its selection Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to select Denmark’s 52nd representative.
  • Estonia – Eesti Laul will be used to select Estonia’s 29th representative
  • Finland – UMK will be held to select Finland’s 57th representative.
  • France – It is yet to be revealed how France Télévisions will select France’s 66th representative.
  • Germany – It is yet to be revealed how Germany will select its 67th representative.
  • Iceland – It’s been revealed that Söngvakeppnin will be used to select Iceland’s 36th representative.
  • Ireland – RTÉ has opened submissions in search of Ireland’s 57th representative.
  • Israel – Rising Star will be used once again to select Israel’s 46th representative.
  • Italy – Festival di Sanremo will be used to select Italy’s 49th representative.
  • Lithuania – It is yet to be revealed how LRT will select Lithuania’s 24th representative.
  • Luxembourg – After announcing its return, it has been revealed that Luxembourg will use a National Selection to select Luxembourg’s 38th representative.
  • Malta – PBS will once again use MESC to select Malta’s 36th representative.
  • Moldova – TRM is yet to confirm how it will select Moldova’s 19th representative.
  • Netherlands – AVROTROS will internally select the Netherlands’ 64th representative.
  • Norway– NRK will once again use Melodi Grand Prix to select Norway’s 62nd representative.
  • Portugal – RTP will once again use Festival da Canção to select Portugal’s 55th representative.
  • San Marino – SMRTV will once again use Una Voe Per San Marino to select San Marino’s 14th representative.
  • Serbia – RTS will use a National Selection to select Serbia’s 16th representative.
  • Spain – RTVE will use Benidorm Fest to select Spain’s 63rd representative.
  • Sweden (Host Country) – SVT will once again use Melodifestivalen to select Sweden’s 63rd representative.
  • Switzerland – It’s been revealed that the country will use an internal selection to select Switzerland’s 64th representative.
  • Ukraine – Submissions for Vidbir 2024 has now been opened to search for Ukraine’s 19th representative.

The following countries have participated previously, but have not publicly confirmed their participation in next year’s competition:

  • Armenia
  • Australia – Australia was granted the right to participate in the competition until 2023. However, it is yet to be announced if this will be extended.
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czechia
  • Georgia
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Monaco – TVMonaco is set to lauch on September 1.
  • Montenegro – The country withdrew in 2023 due to the cost of participation.
  • North Macedonia – The country withdrew in 2023 due to the cost of participation.
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Türkiye
  • United Kingdom

The following countries have also confirmed that they will not be participating in next year’s competition.

Are you excited about Eurovision 2024? Will you be heading to Malmö and attend the show next year? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik-Tok as we gear up for Eurovision 2024!

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Photo Credit: EBU

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