🇲🇹 TES Preview: “Vocally Powerful and Consistent” for Ike & Kaya’s rehearsal

🇲🇹 TES Preview: “Vocally Powerful and Consistent” for Ike & Kaya’s rehearsal

Today, nine of the participating countries of the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest are having their second rehearsal. These are Portugal, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Georgia, Spain, and Poland.

In today’s rehearsal, the attending Press had the opportunity to watch the full rehearsals from these countries. Before we find out what happens in Malta’s rehearsal, let’s see how their first rehearsal went.

What happens during Ike & Kaya’s performance?

We start with a panning shot, with leaves in the background, which would then lead us to a shot of Kaya sitting on a chair filled with florals, which then Zooms out, and Kaya stands up from the chair and then walks towards the middle of the stage.

Ike then appears at the front of the stage, then walks towards the middle of the stage towards Kaya, where we see them standing, and the background changes to bright pink with pink trees and clouds appearing in the background.

As we get to the bridge of the song, we see both Ike & Kaya in the middle of the stage. However, the projection cuts in the middle of the stage where the background differs, depending on the side of the stage they are standing in.

At the end of the song, we then see the LED background changing to the natural background of trees and leaves. At the end of the song, we see Ike & Kaya “My Home” appearing in the middle in white text.

You are able to see a preview of the performance right here:

Malta’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2003, Malta was one of the countries to participate in the inaugural edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Sarah Harrison and the song “Like A Star”, which placed 7th. The Mediterranean nation participated until 2010, where it took a break and returned in 2013 with Gaia Cauchi and “The Start”, which was their first win in the competition. It wasn’t long until they achieved their second win in 2015, where Destiny Chukunyere won with her song “Not My Soul”.

Malta’s most recent participation was in 2020, where they were represented by Chanel Monseigneur and the song “Chasing Sunsets”, where Malta managed to place 8th in the competition, receiving 100 Points from the Jury and Online Vote.

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News Source: That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: EBU / Andres Putting

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