🇪🇸 TES Preview: “A well-choreographed performance” for Levi’s rehearsal

🇪🇸 TES Preview: “A well-choreographed performance” for Levi’s rehearsal

Today, nine of the participating countries of the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest are having their second rehearsal. These are Portugal, Ireland, Malta, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Georgia, Spain, and Poland.

In today’s rehearsal, the attending Press had the opportunity to watch the full rehearsals from these countries. Before we find out what happens in Spain’s rehearsal, let’s see how their first rehearsal went.

What happens during Levi’s performance?

We see one of the dancers, dancing along at the back of the stage then we see Levi walk towards the middle of the stage, and is joined by four dancers, and as we get to the chorus, we see Levi’s dancers break into choreography.

In the second verse, we see the dancers behind Levi, banging color sticks into drums, and as we go back to the second chorus, the dancers join Levi behind him, and make use of the whole stage in the final chorus.

You are able to see a preview of the performance right here:

Spain’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2003, Spain was one of the countries to participate in the inaugural edition of the competition with Sergio and the song “Desde el cielo”, and placed 2nd with 125 points. The year after, Spain managed to win the competition with María Isabel and the song “Antes muerta que sencilla”. The nation participated for two more years and took a 12-year break, where it returned in 2019, with Melani Garcia and her entry “Marte” which placed 3rd.

Spain’s recent attempt in the competition saw them internally select Soleá and the song “Palante”, which saw them finish 3rd once again, where they managed to score 133 points from the jury and the online vote.

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News Source: That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: Andres Putting / EBU

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