🇦🇲 Preparations for Junior Eurovision 2022 have begun

🇦🇲 Preparations for Junior Eurovision 2022 have begun

Preparations for the Junior Eurovision 2022 have begun, Armenian broadcaster AMPTV has announced. A delegation of the EBU visited the Armenian capital Yerevan to talk with the Armenian broadcaster. They discussed organizational issues and looked at potential venues. Junior Eurovision 2022 is set to be held in Yerevan in December.

20th Anniversary of Junior Eurovision

The 2022 contest will be the 20th Junior Eurovision. Back in December Martin Österdahl, the Executive Supervisor of Junior Eurovision, already said that it would be “a very special anniversary edition“. Now, EBU representative Gert Kark says:

We are here to start the competition with your TV team. Usually we start the preparations much later, but since we have a new strategy and big plans, we want to start this year as early as possible, to make this competition the best in its history. In the last 5-6 years it has really turned into a very big event(…) We are not going to go into too much detail, we will leave it to the next meetings. And there will be many of them. Working with your team during Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, I am 100% confident that we can have a great show, a great week for the participating delegations. Because your team is very experienced in organizing such shows.”

Gert Kark, EBU Representative

David Tserunyan, who is the Head of the ArmenianDelegation, had the following to say:

As we know, Junior Eurovision is not just a TV project, it is a very big event for both the city and the country. So in addition to the show, there will be a number of other events on the air that need to be planned. In fact, one year is a very short period of time to organize such a big event, so we do not spare effort and energy, we have already started working, the Reference Group for Junior Eurovision will arrive in Armenia in March-April. This is a group of professionals from the participating countries, a committee that will follow all the organizational steps of the competition.

David Tserunyan, Head of the Armenian Delegation

Meanwhile Executive Director of Armenian Public Television, Hovhannes Movsisyan, stated the following:

AMPTV, as the host organization of Junior Eurovision 2022, must manage all this. It is very important for us that we start the organizational work as soon as possible so that we can organize it properly. This will be a very big and very powerful experience for us, it will open opportunities for us to host bigger events. It was very important that the President of the European Broadcasting Union stressed that this is the 20th anniversary of Eurovision, it should be different from the others. We also noticed that it should be different.

Hovhannes Movsisyan, Executive Director of AMPTV

What we know about Junior Eurovision 2022

Junior Eurovision 2022 is set to be held in Armenia following Maléna’s win with Qami Qami in Paris. A number of countries have confirmed they will be participating. So far we have confirmation from the following countries:

It also has been confirmed that Wales will not be returning to Junior Eurovision in 2022.

Armenia’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2007, Armenia made its debut in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Arevik and the song “Erazanq” (Երազանք) which place 2nd. Since their debut, Armenia has participated 14 times, won the competition once (2010), and even hosted in Yerevan in 2011.

In 2021, Armenia was represented by Maléna (who was due to represent the country in 2020) with the song “Qami Qami”, which won the competition after receiving 224 points from the jury and online voting.

Are you looking forward to to Junior Eurovision 2022? What anniversary celebrations are you hoping to see at the 20th Edition? And what country do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below or on social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

News Source: AMPTV

Photo Source: Andres Putting / EBU

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