🇧🇬 Deni and Marti to represent Bulgaria at the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

🇧🇬 Deni and Marti to represent Bulgaria at the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

As we get closer to December 19, the closer we are to finding out the full line-up for this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Today, another country revealed their Junior Eurovision representative, and that is Bulgaria, who is returning to this year’s competition. The Balkan nation will be represented by the duo Deni and Marti who will be signing “Voice of Love” as the country’s 7th entry into the competition.

About Deni and Marti

Denislava (12) and Martin (13) are both from Dobrich (who is partially funding Bulgaria’s participation at the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest). As reported by junioreurovision.tv the duo has been performing and creating music together for 4 years, and has already competed in a few competitions. They are now representing Bulgaria in the biggest competitions in the world, which has been a goal of theirs.

Vasil Garvanliev one of the composers of “Voice of Love”

In addition to the confirmation, it was also revealed that Vasil Garvanliev (who represented North Macedonia at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest), is one of the composers of “Voice of Love” alongside Davor Yordanovski, Vesna Malinova, and Stan Stefanov.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Junior Eurovision 2021 will take place in Paris, France following Valentina’s victory in JESC 2020 with “J’imagine”. The contest will be held in La Seine Musicale on December 19th. 19 countries will be competing in the 19th edition of the competition:

You can keep up with our Junior Eurovision 2021 coverage here.

Bulgaria’s Junior Eurovision Journey

In 2007, Bulgaria made its debut at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where Bon-Bon represented them with the song “Bonbolandiya” (Бонболандия), where they placed 7th. Since their debut, they have participated six times, and have hosted the competition once in 2015.

Their latest participation was in 2016, where Lidia Ganeva represented Bulgaria in Valletta with “Magical Day (Valsheben den)” (Вълшебен ден), which placed 9th overall.

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