🇵🇱 The official music video of Laura Bączkiewicz’s entry “To The Moon” is released

🇵🇱 The official music video of Laura Bączkiewicz’s entry “To The Moon” is released

As we get closer to December, more and more countries release the official music videos of their Junior Eurovision entry. After the reveal that they were recording the studio version of their entry, we now have the official music video of Poland’s Junior Eurovision 2022 entry “To The Moon” by Laura Bączkiewicz released.

An upbeat and bright music video

Poland’s official music video for Junior Eurovision 2022 was filmed at Hydropolis in Wrocław, where we see Laura, who is joined by six backing dancers. We see the group of kids exploring the museum, and as the music video progresses, we see Laura singing the track along with the backing dancers in the different areas of the museum as seen in the video.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The 2022 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Yerevan, following Malena’s win in the 2021 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with “Qami Qami“, with the competition set to take place on the 11th of December. The competing countries in this year’s competition are as follows:

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Poland’s Junior Eurovision journey

In 2003, Poland was one of the countries that participated in the inaugural edition of the competition, where they were represented by Katarzyna Żurawik with the song “Coś mnie nosi” which placed 16th. Poland participated for another year, before going on a 12-year break and returning in 2016. Since returning to the competition, they have participated five times, and managing to achieve a back-to-back win in 2018 and 2019.

Their recent participation in 2021, saw them being represented by Sara James, with the song “Somebody” which placed 2nd overall, receiving 218 points from the jury and online vote combined.

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