🎢 Eurovision music round-up: April 2023

🎢 Eurovision music round-up: April 2023

Other Highlights

There is way too much music released every month to cover in-depth, but here are some of the best and biggest new tracks from other Eurovision artists:

Temps – “ificouldjust”

Last month I was introduced to, and I then introduced you in turn, to James Acaster’s music collective project Temps. Following last month’s “partygatorresurrection”, Montaigne has returned for a second song as part of the collective: “ificouldjust”. It’s another experimental piece, with music and a video that would not feel out of place in some film or modern art museums.

SuRie – “Treading Water”

Ahead of the release of her third album “Building a Woman” next month, SuRie has released her latest single “Treading Water”. The self-penned track is a stunning and contemplative piece about the frustration of procrastination.

Jana Burcheska – “Home Alone”

Before you comment on me spelling her name that way: that’s how she presents it on YouTube! North Macedonia’s 2017 entry has gone from dancing alone to being “Home Alone”. And that loneliness is weighing on her, with this classy alt-pop track touching on intrusive thoughts and mental health issues. “An empty house, but my mind is a crowd” indeed.

VICTORIA – “Lover’s Trial”

Victoria has never sounded more upbeat, and that in a song about pain and disappointment! “Lover’s Trial” sees the Bulgarian 2020 and 2021 representative work again with part of the “Growing Up Is Getting Old” team. Lyrically, the track is, according to Victoria, about “[t]he endless cycle of disappointment and pain that we sometimes experience when the relationship with the person we love goes into the wrong direction. In my life I’ve been in a lot of those vicious cycles and with this song I want to free myself from those feelings and move forward.”

Ilse DeLange – “Confetti Shotgun”

Ilse DeLange has followed up her The BossHoss collab with a solo track. “Confetti Shotgun” is another coutry-pop stomper by her. The track is part of a whole host of music the singer has been and continues on planning to release in celebration of the 25 year anniversary of her breakthrough in 1998 with her album “World Of Hurt”. Beyond that, this track also will be a part of Ilse’s next album, set to be released spring next year.

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